Stop from your quest and have a rest in Quest Hotel Cebu

Cebu is one of the famous city in Philippines that myself and my travel buddy [Kania Kismadi] put in our travel plan during our #MxUAKk trip. The visit was a quick one as we arrived in the city around in the evening from Malapascua, and left the city on the third day early in the morning. So no time to waste. That’s why staying in Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu [Quest Hotel Cebu] was an ideal place to stay for us.

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel from afar during the day

Quest Hotel Cebu from N Escario Street (Cebu, Philippines)

We arrived at the hotel in the evening, and we haven’t got our dinner yet. All I could think was to quickly put our bags in the room and find something to eat.

While I’m waiting for the check-in process, I noticed that it has a very compact but nice and sleek lobby. I think that’s because the space for the lobby is not that big, but I love how they arrange the lobby. Even when I shared the photo of the lobby in my Instagram, people are loving it!

Fortunately the check-in process was prompt so we just head to our room and then find something to eat.

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - The lobby - Receptionist

The receptionist in Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - The lobby

The clean lobby of Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

My room was at 10th floor and it was a deluxe room. Inside the room, there’s a king size bed, an LCD TV, a long table plus a chair, and most importantly free WiFi 🙂  . Although the room is not that big, I don’t feel that the room is small at all. The most important thing for me is that the room is clean and comfortable, just like their motto: cool, clean, and comfy 😉 And the other thing that I love from this hotel, Quest Hotel Cebu is a Smoke-Free Hotel!

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - The hallway

The hallway to my room in Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - The bed

My Deluxe Room with a very clean and comfy bed in Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

I heard from Kania that she remembered seeing the Quest Hotel in Bali, and the design is completely different from the one in Cebu. My friend also told me the same thing when I posted the photo of my room in Instagram. He said that the Quest Hotel in Bali is using the local touch, while the one in Cebu is using a more soft design.

High floor means that I would get a great view from the room, and when I opened the curtain in the morning, voila … I even couldn’t believe that I will get this amazing view from my room. When I shared this view in my Instagram, my friend surprised that I got a view directly to the Busay Hills! Not only the hills, from the view I also realized that the area in the back is still green with many trees! Lovely view indeed!

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - The room with the view

The view from my room in 10th floor of Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

Our deluxe room also included a buffet breakfast in their restaurant on the ground floor just beside the receptionist area. The restaurant is called Puso. It’s a quite big restaurants with many seatings and sofas depend on what you like. The food too is plenty and various. If you love pork, then there are a few pork dishes that you can dish, and my friend Kania Kismadi loves one pork dish that is called, Chorizo. It’s a red pork sausage. And when Kania tweeted the pic telling that she loves the Chorizo, the admin of Quest Hotel Cebu Twitter, saying that many of the guests also loves this chorizo!

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - Puso - Breakfast (Kania Kismadi) (web)

Kania’s breakfast – with the famous Chorizo (the red sausage), in Quest Hotel Cebu (Philippines)

The main reason for staying at Quest Hotel Cebu is that the location is near the Ayala Center and you can just walk from the hotel. In this Ayala Center you will find the Ayala Mall – quite a big mall, and the Ayala Center Cebu PUJ terminal – which is like a terminal for jeepney. The Ayala Mall of course has plenty of restaurants, cinema, and other things to see.

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel from afar in the evening

Quest Hotel Cebu photo taken from near the jeepney terminal (Philippines)

Funny thing happened when we wanted to go to the mall from the hotel for the first time. Well we did ask the direction, but then we still not sure. After we crossed the street to the terminal, we  started using the Google Maps, and it directed us to circle the complex just to find the entrance of the mall! Then when we wanted to walk back to the hotel, we actually could already see the Quest Hotel Cebu building from the Ayala Mall, so we just walked to that direction. Surprisingly after a short walk, we found the jeepney terminal! Then we walked upstairs (the terminal is a two-levels building), and when we exited the terminal, we have found our hotel! The distance is apparently so close, and we didn’t need to walk circling the complex to just go to the mall! Lol.

Anyway, the Quest Hotel Cebu is actually provided a shuttle bus to several places, including to Ayala.

Asia - Philippines - Cebu - Quest Hotel - Shuttle Bus provided by the hotel (web).jpg

The shuttle bus schedule from Quest Hotel Cebu

This is indeed a very nice and short stay in Quest Hotel Cebu. I recommend you to stay here, as it’s located close to Ayala Center, and you will get a chance to see the Busay Hills every morning from your room 😉

Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu

Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines
t: 63 32 4025999
f: 63 32 4025986
e: CebuInfo@Quest-Hotels.Com
w:—Cebu (Booking)

This post is part of myself and my friend [Kania Kismadi] trip from Philippines – Malaysia – Singapore. You can read Kania’s story about the experience staying in Quest Hotel Cebu here.

Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu is one of the partners during this wonderful trip.

Thanks to Mia from Quest Hotel Cebu for the hospitality 🙂

 I was a guest of Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu, but all opinions are my own  🙂


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