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Komodo LOB trip: The Pink Beach

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After a grueling morning at Padar Island lolss, the next spot for our Komodo LOB trip on the second day was the Pink Beach! This is the second pink beach that I visited – the first one was in Lombok.

Read about the Pink Beach in Lombok here

Although I did not see the komodo dragons on the Komodo Island, as I saw them on Rinca Island, we at least set our feet on the Komodo Island by visiting the Pink Beach.

There were no warungs at the beach, so we took our lunch on the boat after our time at this place.


The view of the Pink Beach from the boat (Flores – Indonesia)

Basically the things that we did here were checking the underwater scenery and enjoying the beach. Well, actually there is one thing that we did not do here. It’s climbing the hill on the side of the beach, and to check (plus taking picture of) the beach from the top of the hill. I think climbing the hill here is not going to be as demanding as the Padar’s – but I did not climb it, so I can’t judge it by just guessing on what I saw haha. I think I did not go up to the hill, as I thought I’ve just have had an exercise in the morning and later after the Pink Beach, I would climb another hill again … So it’s better to save my energy for later haha!

As Komodo Island is a national park, so no boats can drop their anchors here. Then to get to the beach (if your boat does not have a small boat), there were some small boats that could take us to the beach, but their service is not for free. I think we paid them IDR50,000 for return trips.


A warning sign to not to drop the anchor at Pink Beach area (Flores – Indonesia)


The small boat that takes us to the Pink Beach from the boat (Flores – Indonesia)

I think if you and your friends decide to just snorkel when visiting Pink Beach, it is best for you all to just bring limited items only, if not … who will guard your stuff when you are snorkeling haha.


The underwater scene that can be seen at the Pink Beach location (Flores – Indonesia)


Another view of the underwater scene at the Pink Beach location (Flores – Indonesia)


How about another view of the underwater scene at the Pink Beach location (Flores – Indonesia)

Well anyway, perhaps on my next visit to Pink Beach, I will try to go to the hill and get some photos from over there haha.

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  • Iyos Kusuma

    Interesting! I have lived on board for a few days in Tanjung Puting National Park before, but live on board across the sea sure looks different. I imagine fresh fishes on my plate everyday!

    • timothywp

      Yeap, I want to try live on board on a river … surely, it’s going to be different 😉

  • Meidi

    Gara-gara baca pink beach ini, jadi inget di deket Melb ada danau yg airnya pink, mau main ke sana abis itu bragging ke kamu ah *syeebell* hahaha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      kl airnya pink, nanti pas km nyebur ke sana, kamunya jadi pink juga gaaa? *kabuuuur*

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