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A replica of a great palace of Pagaruyung …

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace) - Entrance gate

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Indonesia - West Sumatra - Istana Pagaruyung - The palace

The Palace of Pagaruyung

Istana Basa Pagaruyung, or we know it as just ‘Istana Pagaruyung’ (Pagaruyung palace) , is a replica of the real palace that was burntdown in 1804. Although the replica was not built in the same location with the original palace; it is still in the same area in Batusangkar.

It’s really unfortunate that when I visited in April 2012, the palace was close because it’s still under renovation. Most probably, they still repair the palace that was burnt down in 2007 because of the lightning, not sure though. If it’s not close; the visitors can enter the palace and see what it looks like from the inside, including the room, the palace collection, meditation room, and so on. Nevertheless I still can admire the great Palace of Pagaruyung from outside, plus the view of the surrounding, looked really beautiful with the paddy field and green hill.

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace) - Storage place (Rangkiang)

Rangkiang is a place to store the harvest

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace) - The view of paddy field behind the palace

The view of the paddy field and the hill behind the palace

Andy said that actually I could rent a traditional cloth of Minang in this place and take a photo haha, but I guess it’s already late and it’s going to be dark soon.

This place is atually not really a sunset spot, but seeing the sunset from this area, it still gave me a beautiful look!

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace) - Almost sunset

The stunning sunset from The Palace of Pagaruyung

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Mixed Up Already

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  • Daniel Hookins

    Wow those buildings look awesome. Cool photos!

    • timothywpawiro

      Yes it is! And I am curious how does it look from the inside 😉

  • Khai


    I don’t know why but Minang buildings in Sumatera always looks awesome and incredible. Though it is just a replica, it looks splendid. I wonder how the original one looks like.

    And nice new layout. Love it!

    • timothywp

      Yes it was big and beautiful! Have you been to West Sumatra before?

      Haha … I’m still improving my new layout. Thanks Khai! 🙂

      • Khai

        But seriously like it. Hehe. Never been to, I think. Only been to Medan. And Medan is on East Sumatra, correct? How bout Pekanbaru? Is it on the west side?

        Actually I am thinking of taking a ferry from Port Klang to Batam and then from Batam to…(?) – Don’t know yet. Because I have a one-week holiday for Chinese New Year, so thinking of doing some adventure in Indonesia 😀

        • timothywp

          Oh, I’m at Medan currently, and this is my first visit here haha! Medan is in North Sumatra, and Pekanbaru in the map is just next to Singapore on the left haha!

          Why don’t u fly from Malaysia to Aceh and then go to the south? 😉

          • Khai

            Is it enough for one week? Hehe.

            And plus, want a bit adventure. Haha. Never tried the ferry. I am also thinking of maybe going to Bukittinggi from Dumai? 😉

          • timothywp

            I love Bukittinggi … One of the places that I want to go back to, and stay looongeer! 😀

  • Bama

    When did you exactly take this picture, Timothy? And at what time? The timing couldn’t be more perfect with the golden hue from the sun.

    • timothywp

      Hi Bama!! According to the photo detail, it was around 6PM and yes ure right, the timing was perfect to get that photo.
      Lucky me to get that photo! 🙂

      • Bama

        Aah, that explains the soft light. So you took all of the pictures in dry season?

        • timothywp

          Yes you’re right Bama … It was in April.
          Wow, u really can analyze a photo, ya! 🙂



    • timothywp

      Yes it is! 🙂

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