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Eat and splash the water at One Eighty Coffee Bandung

one eighty coffee bandung

Based on One Eighty Coffee (well, some wrote it as 180 Coffee & Music) Bandung’s Instagram account, it seems that they have just opened their place in Bandung. Their first post on Instagram was about 8 weeks ago, so hey, we have a new coffee shop in Bandung! The complete name of this café is actually One Eighty Coffee & Music. Even though this place is a new addition in Bandung, but people are already lining up to check this one.


Welcome to One Eighty Coffee and Music in Bandung

What makes One Eighty Coffee in Bandung so special?

I think the first thing that I noticed when I checked this new café in Bandung is that they have a pool section inside their premises, which is also one of their dining area. Okay, I think I am a bit exaggerate. It’s more like a pond, as the height of the water is about adult’s ankle. And yes, they put the dining table and seats inside this pond area. This definitely is a new experience for me and for people, as they can play with the water, and splash it with their feet.


A new unique experience of eating on a pond area

But, is it easy to get a table at the pond section?

Well, if you have the intention to sit on this pond section, you need to register first, as there is a waiting list. Yes, you heard that right – a waiting list. As I said earlier, it’s a new unique experience, right?

On my first visit to One Eighty Coffee in Bandung, when I checked the pond section, I saw that all the tables were occupied. I also didn’t know that I needed to register first, so I just sit on another table inside. I got a table just beside the glass partition beside the pond section. Then I imagined myself sitting on the pond section, with both of my feet inside the water. It’s kinda unique for a moment, but if I decided to sit and stay for a longer period, I’m not sure I would sit on this section. Moreover, I was wearing sneakers and socks, and the café doesn’t provide small towel for your wet feet. And again, I like to take out my gadget out and put it on the table, so I would be very cautious all the time if I sit on this section haha. So, this pond section is not for me, at least for now 😀


There’s no lockers for your foot wear

Then, what’s your favourite from this café?

At first, I didn’t expect much with the food. But I was wrong.


Trying the flat lays style for our food haha.


I prefer sitting on this side, beside the pond section 🙂

My friend ordered beef baked rice, and I ordered tuna Balinese pasta — I chose penne. Surprise, surprise, the food turns out delicious. I really love the tuna Balinese pasta. Balinese food usually uses plenty of spices, and I can taste a good fusion of the tuna with the spices. Plus, the food is quite spicy, which I love! I only tasted a bit of my friend’s food, and I love the grilled beeef. It’s so tasty!

But of course, I prefer my food haha!


Loving this tuna Balinese pasta. It’s full of spices 🙂

So if I need to answer on my favourite part from this café, it’s definitely the food. Would come back to this place for the food! 🙂

One more thing, One Eighty Coffee has a balcony on the second floor with wooden floor and wooden boxes for the chairs. Love this section, it’s like the hangout area haha.


This balcony on the second floor, could be a nice place to hang out with your friends

How many dining areas inside this café?

When I first arrived at One Eighty Coffee at Jalan Ganeca in Bandung, I didn’t realize that this place is actually quite big.

From the front side, One Eighty occupies a typical old house in Bandung, but then I entered the area, to the backside, and realize that this place is big.


One Eighty Coffee occupies an old style house in Bandung

Talking about the dining area, besides the pond section, One Eighty Coffee Bandung has plenty of tables and seats. First around the bar at the centre of the café, there are some seats. You can also sit there and eat.


You can sit beside the bar

The side area is also a dining area, with tall table and sits, while I sit on the area beside the glass partition beside the pool – with a lower table and chairs. The rest are regular dining table and sits.


Guess, where did I sit?


There are also tables beside the stairs on the side of the cafe

One Eighty also has the second floor, but I saw some empty space on the dining area. However, there’s a stage on second floor, so I guess, this explains the name One Eighty Coffee and Music.


The second floor looks quite empty, but there’s a stage in front of these tables

Any tips if I decided going to this place?

If you decided to try the pond section, you don’t need to wear shoes and long trousers. Just wear slippers, as there are no lockers to put your shoes. You just put your foot wear beside the pond.

Then be very careful with your belongings, especially you gadget. You don’t want to let it fall to the pond.

As One Eighty Coffee is getting popular, so it’s sometimes hard to get a parking space, as it is limited. Plus Jalan Ganeca is not a big road, and sometimes the traffic is bad. So I suggest you to get a cab or just use Uber to get to this place.

One Eighty Coffee (180 Coffee & Music)
Jl. Ganeca No.3, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia

Instagram            :

Location on Google Maps:

So what do you think about this place?

If you love this blog post about One Eighty Coffee in Bandung, please do share it 🙂


Hello from below of One Eighty Coffee!

Mixed Up Already

The things that I love are movies, music, and travel. I have an extended family in the movies world, called MoviegoersID, and we love to hang out and watch the movie together. How about music? Well, do you know The Corrs? Yep, they are a very talented family/musician that I deeply love since high school! If you love them, then we might get a long well ;-) . My love to music then grow to Sugarland, Christina Aguilera, The Script, and of course the one and only Anggun. Travel is the love that grows in me very late. At around 2011, I fell in love with travelling, and I tried my best to travel each month since that time. You can contact me at .




  • Retno

    Eating on a pond atea? Oh no, or i’ll “masuk angin” hahaha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahaha … mesti siap Tolak Angin kl gitu 😀

  • Febry Fawzi

    Seems so packed, Tim! Was it noisy here? Or just cozy even it’s huge and crowded?

    Anyway the foods look yumm..

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      It’s crowded, but my table is (luckily) cosy 😉

  • dzulfikar

    konsepnya menarik banget, cm klo di Bandung rendem2 kaki dingin euy hahaha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Iya bener, makanya kemaren ga jd pengen duduk di area situ deh 😀

  • Muwa

    wuih, temaptnya menarik sekali sob…. its amazing

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Tempatnya oke nih, buat kecibang-kecibung 😀

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