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A stopover at Nikita’s, Rawai – Phuket

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - Thumbnail
Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach

Hallo, Rawai! (Phuket – Thailand)

During our trip to visit the viewpoints in Phuket (Thailand), we stopped over at Nikita’s in Rawai beach to have a lunch. To be honest, Nikita’s was not our choice of place to have the lunch after we browsed the list online, but as the place that we wanted to go was closed during the day, so we decided to go to Nikita’s as it was also located not far from us.

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - welcome!

Welcome to Nikita’s at Rawai Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - The bar

The bar

Apparently my decision to have a lunch there was a good one. I think they have the nicest staff with a smile when served the guests! Besides that, we also could get a nice view while we had our lunch.

I actually did not have any preferences when I ate there, but a wood fired pizza would be a good choice! I always love pizza that was cooked using the wooden oven, especially the crispiness of the thin crust at the edge! I think my choice was pizza with lots of cheese! ~ did not find the receipt, sorry! My friend chose to have Tom Yum soup!

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - The view

This is the view that you can see while dining in

Overall, Nikita’s was worth a visit if you stay in or pass the Rawai beach area.

I think Nikita’s will look beautiful during the evening, as they have already hung some light on the trees! 😉

Nikita’s Restaurant

Located on the waters edge on Rawai Beach Rd

Location on Google Maps:

Thailand - Phuket - Rawai beach - Nikitas beach restaurant - inside (2)

This place should be beautiful during dinner time – Nikita’s at Rawai Beach (Phuket – Thailand)

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