Let’s have a picnic at Miss Bee

I still remember when I visited Miss Bee Providore (next I will just call this Miss Bee) during the Lebaran holiday in 2015 that I needed to return to this place three times as the place is too crowded, even, there were no parking places available, and I bet the queue was long too. The first unsuccessful visit, led me to another small café just below Miss Bee, called Rabbit Hole. The second unsuccessful visit, drove me to another restaurant still in Ciumbuleuit area. The third visit was the successful one, as I decided to come early, and still … the place was already a bit crowded. And I imagine why …

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - The waiting area

Many group of people are waiting for their table at Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

While I was waiting for my table, I was sitting on the waiting area and noticed the people kept coming in just to eat in this place. Then I realize, the reason this place is always crowded was because the numbers of people in group is most of time more than 5 – well not always, as they came here as a big family. The other thing that I noticed was this place has a petting zoo and quite a big yard in front of the restaurant, so it looks like that people came here to have a picnic with the family, not just to eat. – There is also a kid area at the back of the restaurant too. That’s why this place was always crowded during my three visits haha.

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - The park

Let’s play at the yard of Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - outdoor dining area (1)

Miss Bee and the Aladin lolsss (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - Kids area

Kids zone at Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

The reason I came to a restaurant or café is always because of the restaurant or the café itself, not because of the food. Somehow, I attracted more to the design of the café than the food.

The place has the main house, which is also used as the indoor dining area, while there is also a glass house beside the main house, and an outdoor dining area in between those houses.

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - Indoor dining area (1)

Inside the glass house of Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

I actually prefer to have my table at the glass house, but I think most people have the same thought like I do, so it’s not that easy to get a table there. My table was on the outdoor area between the glass house and the main house. The glass house, well, use the glass as the ‘wall’ instead of cement, which makes it different than the main house. Inside the glass house, there is also the bar for drinks, and not only the house has dining tables and chairs, but there are quite a few plants inside it.

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - Outdoor dining area (2)

My table at Miss Bee was in this area and it’s quite nice too (Bandung – Indonesia)

I actually love my table too, even though it’s not at the glass house. They also put some trees in this area too, so I felt that they designed the area this way, so people will feel that they are eating at a garden / having a picnic, and this relax ambiance is suitable to family guests.

Even though I came here not because of the food, but I will definitely came back to this place again, as I love the atmosphere, and their food was quite okay too, especially I love their tiramisu :9

Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - Dessert - Tiramisu

I had this delicious tiramisu at Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)

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Miss Bee Providore

Jalan Rancabentang 11a
Ciumbuleuit – Bandung
p: +622220336133


Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Bee-Providore-1380038672252066
IG: https://www.instagram.com/missbee_providore/

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Indonesia - Bandung - Miss Bee Providore - The food is ready to serve - Pizza

This pizza looks delicious, but sadly it’s not mine haha! – at Miss Bee (Bandung – Indonesia)


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