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Mascot Beach Hotel Lombok, budget yet beautiful …

Mascot Beach Hotel is one of the hotels that located in Senggigi area.
The entrance of the hotel is not exactly beside the Jalan Raya Senggigi, but we needed to turn left to the direction of Aerowisata Senggigi Beach Hotel. Then the hotel is near that junction. 

If we looked at the hotel from only the entrance, it seemed the hotel size was not that big, but when we walked to our room (which is like to the back of the hotel), then we saw that the hotel was actually really big. 

Mascot Beach Hotel designed their hotel into several bungalows. In each bungalow, there are two rooms; one on the left, and one on the right. Although their area is big, they didn’t want to cover all the area with the bungalows. They keep the numbers of bungalow low so it doesn’t look crowded. 

Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok)
Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - The bungalow
I think their priority is to have beautiful garden in the hotel. It shows that they keep the centre of the hotel away from the bungalows. They plant the coconut trees and other trees, and arranged them so it didn’t scatter here and there. The place is so beautiful, even the place still wow me after the first night.
Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok)
When I walked further, I could see the swimming pool, and the beach not far from the pool. Yes, not far. Mascot Beach Hotel is directly in front of the Senggigi beach. The only divider is the little fence between the beach and the hotel. 

Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - Senggigi beach in front of the hotel
Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - The Swimming Pool
So it’s up to the guest, whether they want to enjoy the swimming pool, or just sit beside the pool and relax while looking at the beach, or perhaps off to the beach and wander around the Senggigi beach. 

The bedroom in Mascot Beach Hotel was quite basic, but really spacious. We do like big room, so we’re happy with it. The bathroom was also basic, with a small room for shower, and another room for the toilet. The important thing was both bedroom and bathroom were clean. 

Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - Bedroom
Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - Bedroom
Mascot Beach Hotel also has a restaurant. It is beside the swimming pool. It’s an open air restaurant. Beside the swimming pool, it means that the restaurant is near the beach. I always sat at the table which is the nearest to the beach 😉
We didn’t check whether they also serve for dinner, because we always dined out. 

Our first breakfast was an a la carte menu, where I ordered nice fried rice. On the second day, they had buffet, which was nice too. 
Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok) - Jalan Raya Senggigi

The location of Mascot Senggigi Beach Hotel is really strategic.


Beside located in front of the Senggigi beach, the hotel is also near many restaurantsand cafes. We tried as many restaurants/cafes as possible during our stay in Senggigi. 

If you’re tired after going out for the whole day, you could have a massage nearby the hotel, called Orchid.

I chose to stay at this hotel, mainly because it’s located in Senggigi area, and we didn’t spend so much time in the hotel, so we’re looking hotel with a reasonable price. We’ve never stayed at this hotel before, so we only saw the photos from the website. That’s why, the place wowed us when we walked inside the hotel complex for the first time 😉

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