Dress like a Dato’ at Maimoon Palace

Maimoon Palace (also written Maimun Palace) in Medan is a palace with a mixture of Malay design with European style. It was designed by an Italian, but built by one of the Deli Sultans, named Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah in 1888. You can see from the exterior design that somehow it looks like a mosque too.

Indonesia - Medan - Maimoon Palace

Maimoon Palace in Medan, Indonesia

Inside of the palace, you can see clearly the mixture of cultures, from the throne of the Sultan where most of its colour is yellow, which is one of the characteristics of Malay culture, then the chandelier and other furnitures that looks like a European design. Love this palace! Love the details that they put on the ceilings and more …

Indonesia - Medan - Maimoon Palace - The yellow throne

The throne of Maimoon Palace (Medan, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Maimoon Palace - The chandelier

The European style chandelier in Maimoon Palace (Medan, Indonesia)

While you are here, you can also try to dress like a Dato’ or Sultan … You will look great! Like us 🙂 but you need to withstand the heat while you’re wearing the cloth haha! 

Hmm … My friend, Kania, just reminded of something that happened after the photo-shoot.

When you rent these dress, the staff there will help you to take photos either using your camera or their camera. If you chose to use their cameras, you can buy the photo directly after the photo-shoot.

After our first photo-shoot using their camera, we waited for them to print out the photo. Suddenly the staff told us that there’s a problem with our photo so it couldn’t be printed out. This happened again and again … Finally on the fifth try and after we moved to other area, then they were able to print out the photo.

Until now we’re still wondering what’s wrong with our first – fourth shot?

Well I think sometimes there are things that can’t be explained  … 🙂

Indonesia - Medan - Maimoon Palace - Dewi, Kania, Lidya, and Timothy (web) - 1 (2)

We couldn’t find Yudhi during the photo shoot! So it’s only us four! 😀

Indonesia - North Sumatra - Medan - Maimoon Palace - Family photo

Our fifth shot >> Yudhi, Kania, Dewi, Lidya, and me in Dato’ suite at Maimoon Palace (Medan, Indonesia)

Outside of the palace, there’s a little house where there’s a canon that was broke into half. There’s only one-half of the cannon in this house, while the other half is in Sukanalu village in Tanah Karo.

It is believed that this cannon is actually the brother of the most beautiful princess in Deli Tua kingdom that changed himself into a cannon when there’s an attack from an Acehnese Kingdom. The King from Acehnese Kingdom attacked Deli Tua Kingdom as his wedding proposal was turned down by the Princess of Deli Tua, who was also known as The Green Princess (the colour green was actually the colour of her beauty aura).

Then why the cannon was broke into half? The story said that as the cannon shot over and over to defend the Deli Tua kingdom, then then cannon was overheated until its exploded and broke into two.

Indonesia - Medan - Maimoon Palace - The broken cannon

The half part of the cannon (Meriam Puntung) in Maimoon Palace complex (Medan, Indonesia)

Maimoon Palace
Jalan Brigjen Katamso


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