Lombok again? Well, why not … :)

Lombok slomo trip - Lombok from above

Lombok from above

Yes … It’s me going to Lombok again within a month from my previous visit.

Actually I wanted to name this visit: ‘A slomo trip to dearly Lombok …’ haha … So you might see that title in the photo file name 😀

Slomo … Slow motion 😀

The previous trip was soooo full of activities, even I only had a chance to enjoy very little of the lovely resort Jeeva Klui.

And this time, I decided to go with my long lost travel buddy (haha), Sinthya.

Lombok slomo trip - Beautiful Waterfalls of Lombok - Senaru - Trekking to Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Trekking to Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Not only in a slomo mode, but also in a longer period. We decided to go there for 5 nights. Was it enough? Not enough to cover Lombok from North – South – West – East, and even the Gilis!

This time, we used our own budget (my last trip was a prize). It means, we needed to do some research so not to rip our wallet! It means (again), we needed to let Garuda fly away, and chose Merpati Nusantara Airlines instead that has better price although we needed to transit in Surabaya for a very quick moment.

At first, our flight scheduled was in the afternoon, then I got notification that they moved my flight to morning. Well hello … This is great! Of course we accepted it so we could spend more time in Lombok.

We left Jakarta at 08:15 AM and arrived in Bandara International Lombok around 12:30 PM.

I don’t want to spill all of the stories here, I just wanted to give you the recap of my trip and details later 🙂

Lombok slomo trip - Eat, Drink & Relax at Senggigi - Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar

Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar – Senggigi

During our five nights in Lombok, we didn’t just spend all night in Lombok island, but we also checked out the famous Gili of all, the Gili Trawangan, and stayed there for two nights!

And now … Let’s talk about the hotel …

Choosing where we stayed for this trip, we actually did a mixture of affordable and also nice hotels.

We not only considered the price, but the location and also the photos that we found in the web. We used Agoda to book the hotel and TripAdvisor to get additional comments from the members about the hotels (we’re a bit picky not to choose hotels which has many ‘Terrible’ scores in TripAdvisor).

First hotel that we chose was Mascot Beach Hotel in Senggigi area.

We decided to pick this one as this hotel is in Senggigi area, meaning it’s located in the famous area for tourists, meaning we didn’t want to stay too far from this area 😀

Next point was this hotel is located in front of Senggigi beach!

Lombok slomo trip - Mascot Beach Hotel, Senggigi

Mascot Beach Hotel, Senggigi

With a very affordable price, you can get a hotel with Senggigi beach in front of the hotel … Not to be missed! 🙂

Ouh … one more thing, it has a swimming pool … ;o))) (a special request from ehm … Sinthya!)

Actually, the other thing why we chose this hotel was we didn’t spend much time in the hotel. We had something else to do. So rather than pay an expensive hotel, so we chose this one!

Our second hotel was in Gili Trawangan.

We’re a bit confused of where to stay in this island, as this was our first visit here.

After some researched, we decided to stay at Laguna Gili Beach Resort.

Lombok slomo trip - Gili Trawangan - On the beach

Checking on the water … 😀

Lombok slomo trip - Gili Trawangan - Dining on the beach

Dining on the beach? Sure thing … ! 🙂

It’s quite a new resort, and it’s located in the right side of the port.

We chose this after we eliminated some options through reading of some reviews and looking at the photos of the hotels. It still located in the port side, where the area around and near it, is the centre of the crowd 🙂

The last hotel that we chose was Novotel Lombok Mandalika Resort, located in the southern of Lombok, but still in the area of Central Lombok regency.

Why this hotel?

During my previous trip, I passed this hotel when I wanted to go to Tanjung A’an. I could see that this hotel is also different from the others from the way the put ornaments on the sidewalk of the street near the entrance. This hotel must be have ‘something’ inside! It looks quite big too from outside. From that point, I said to myself that I should stay at this hotel!

Lombok slomo trip - Novotel Lombok Mandalika Resort

Novotel Lombok Mandalika Resort

Another reason to stay at this hotel on our last night of the trip was the location of the hotel that near the airport.

So that’s all about our hotels, and how about what we did during our trip?

It’s a slomo trip, so we wanted to enjoy and relax; but we did have a one full day trip during our second day. We rent a car plus the driver to take us see the waterfalls. Why waterfalls? Because we had already some exposure of the beach, and why not try to expose ourselves to something else. That’s why we chose this trip.

Talking about rent a car, I found this guy, named Syafi’i from TripAdvisor Gili Trawangan Travel Forum. Although it’s called Gili Trawangan, but I guess we could ask anything about Lombok there. The forum has plenty of resourceful people!

Okay, back to Syafi’i. Why we chose him? It’s simply because he has a competitive rate. We actually only chose him to drive us from the airport to Mascot hotel, but then we also asked him, which eventually he asked his brother, Faiz; to take us to the waterfalls.

Lombok slomo trip - A person was herding the buffalo

Herding the buffalo …

We did some research on the tariff to commute in Lombok, and to make things easier, I called Blue Bird Taxi to ask them for the usual rate from one point to another point. At the end, we also used Blue Bird Taxi to drive us from Mascot hotel to Bangsal terminal, from Bangsal terminal to Novotel Lombok, and from Novotel Lombok to the airport. It’s easy, just call them, and they will send a cab at your designated area and at your time 🙂 Try to compare the price of the Blue Bird Taxi to others, if you find somewhere else cheaper, just post in the comment 🙂 (PS: Blue Bird Taxi also has rental car service by hours).

So that’s it! 🙂

Some info for your reference (per September 2012):

Contact number:

Syafi’i contact number: +6287864412800, +6282266003833

Lombok Taxi Blue Bird: (0370) 627 000


Airport tax from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Jakarta): IDR40,000

Transport from Airport to Senggigi area (Syafi’i): IDR200,000

Rental car (Syafi’i) – for one day tour: IDR500,000

Taxi from Mascot (Senggigi) to Bangsal port: IDR75,000

Taxi from Bangsal port to Novotel (South Lombok): IDR275,000 or less (we diverted our route to a hill to see Kuta beach from above, before we heading to Novotel.

Taxi from Novotel to Airport: IDR65,000

Airport tax from Bandara International Lombok: IDR25,000

Lombok slomo trip - Gangga village - Sasak women

Sasak women in a village at Gangga sub-district


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