The Harau valley with the waterfalls …

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Aka Barayun - The waterfall

One of the waterfalls in Lembah Harau (Resort Aka Barayun area)

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My plan for the next day would be Lembah Harau (Harau Valley) in Payakumbuh area.

When I did some research about Lembah Harau in the internet, all I can see a valley with big-tall and green hills, but when I went there with Andy (my host during my trip to Bukittinggi in 2012); he said to me that I will find a few waterfalls in the valley! That is nice, and I didn’t expect it!

After we passed the entrance gate, the road is divided into left and right. Doesn’t matter left or right first as we would go to both area, so we just go to the left first. To make it easier, there’s a name to each area. From the intersection to the left, the name is Resort Aka Barayun, and from the intersection to the right, the area is called Resort Sarasah Bunta.

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - The opak seller

An opak seller in Lembah Harau

In Aka Barayun, they have made something like a pool just below the waterfall so it’s easier for kids to play around, plus there are plenty of shops around it, that sells souvenirs.

To get a better view of the valley, they have made stairs going up to the hill just beside the waterfall. The view from above is really lovely where I could see the valley in between the tall and green hills. I could imagine how tiny I am when I was on the bottom of the valley! It’s nice to have a picnic in this area, where I can eat and view this really beautiful view!

Just beside the pool, Andy bought me a traditional food, called Opak. It’s just like a cracker with noodle and the sauce that is used for Sate Padang. It’s really nice, but it’s gonna be messy haha! The cracker is quite thin and every time I cracked it, the noodle plus the sauce was falling down!! What a mess! Haha.

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Aka Barayun - The pool below the waterfall

The pool below the waterfall in Lembah Harau

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Aka Barayun - View of the valley from above

A view of Lembah Harau from above

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - View of the limestone from above

A closer look of one of the limestones in Lembah Harau

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - View from Lembah Echo (Accommodation)

A view from Lembah Echo, one of the accommodations in Lembah Harau

There are quite a few of accommodation in Lembah Harau, and one of them called Lembah Echo.

The location of the place is perfect for nature lovers! The place is just beside that high hill and surrounded by the paddy field.

I really like how they made the house / bungalows. It’s really simple but nice, with a combination of woods and (is it) coconut fiber or hay.

My other friends who has been to Lembah Harau told me that they stayed in another accommodation where they got the feeling of ‘back to nature’. Meaning no electricity and surrounded by paddy field. (The master house has electricity though so the guests can charge their devices there). And in the night the place was really quiet. She could just hear the sound of the cricket.

She just looooveee staying there! Well, it’s a really nice experience, right! I would also like to stay there for a while … Just back to nature 🙂

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Aka Barayun - Lembah Echo (Accommodation)

One of the houses in Lembah Echo, an accommodation in Lembah Harau

Andy told me that I could find another two waterfalls when we went to the right of the entrance gate.

Waterfall in Minang is ‘Sarasah’, and the next waterfall that I visited is called ‘Sarasah Bunta’. Why the call it as ‘Sarasah Bunta’? Because the waterfall looks like some angels that are taking a shower. Hmm …

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Sarasah Bunta - Sarasah Bunta - Does the waterfall look like angels taking a bath - 1

They named it as Sarasah Bunta as the waterfall looks like angels that are taking a bath …

The waterfall didn’t look big during my visit, with natural pool below it.

I felt that this area is less crowded than the previous one, and although they have made pool in the previous waterfall, I think people just like to play around in this waterfall as it’s more natural.

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Sarasah Bunta - Sarasah Bunta - Family holiday in a waterfall

Family picnic in Sarasah Bunta, one of the waterfalls in Lembah Harau

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Lembah Harau - Resort Sarasah Bunta - Sarasah Murai

Sarasah Murai next to Sarasah Bunta in Lembah Harau

The next waterfall that I went was Sarasah Murai. Murai is humming bird. They named this waterfall as Sarasah Murai as there are many humming bird that comes to this waterfall during the afternoon. Perhaps it was, as i didn’t see it, or perhaps I just missed it.

Sarasah Bunta and Sarasah Murai is located next to each other. Just walk a bit from Bunta then you will reach Murai.

Actually there is more waterfall in this valley, but time didn’t allow me to explore more.

I would love to come and stay in this place. I think I did say it for Danau Maninjau too! Because it’s beauuuutiful! Even, on our way to Lembah Harau; the nature already gives a very nice a view of (again) paddy field and Mount Marapi.

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Indonesia - West Sumatra - Payakumbuh - Near Lembah Harau

This is not that far from the entrance to Lembah Harau. Beauty isn’t it 😉


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