Going to Lantau Island

Hong Kong trip - Hong Kong Harbour (in the morning) - A View from Ibis Hotel North Point

A view of Hong Kong harbour in the morning from my room at Ibis Hotel

Hong Kong trip - North Point MTR Station - Chandra Supermarket

Indonesian Shop ‘Chandra’

After we had breakfast in the hotel, we went to a shop inside the North Point MTR station to buy some water. Surprisingly, it’s an Indonesian shop, called Chandra shop. They provide many Indonesian products here, even Dewi bought a chilli sauce here haha.

Going to Lantau Island, we took the MTR from North Point station, and then we stopped at Central Interchange station. We needed to changed line to Tung Chung MTR station. This is the last MTR station, where you could find Ngong Ping Cable Car  terminal, beside the Citygate Outlets. All of the tourism attraction is called Ngong Ping 360.
Hong Kong trip - Tung Chung - Citygate Outlets

Hong Kong trip - Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal

Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal

There are two kinds of cable car, one is the standard one, and the other one is called ‘Crystal Cabin.’ No, it’s not made from crystal, but it has a transparent floor 🙂 I think you have a choice, whether you want to buy round trip in standard cabin, or a mix of standard/crystal cabin. They also have other package to explore more of the Lantau Island, called 360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass, which include round trip cable car ride, unlimited NLB bus, Tai O boat excursion and one Monkey’s Tale Theatre admission ticket. Interesting! So we took this package with standard cabin.

I will share more stories and pictures of the cable car in the next post 😉

Arrived in the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, our cameras were already busy. Snap here and there. Even the ‘Ngong Ping 360’ couldn’t avoid us ;))
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Welcome

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - StarbucksFirst we entered the Ngong Ping Village, where there are a lot of souvenir stores, restaurants, and even Starbucks! There are 2 shows inside the Ngong Ping Village, one is outdoor show, which was free, it’s called ‘Shaolin and Wu Dang Martial Arts Extravaganza’; and the other one is Monkey’s Tale Theatre (which in my case, already included in the package). There’s another indoor activity, called ‘Walking with Buddha’ but we needed to pay an entrance fee for this, so for this time, we decided not to enter this one …

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village

Ngong Ping Village

We decided to go to the Tian Tan Buddha first, and we’re lucky that it was a very bright day, and also a very hot day! ;o)) Along the way, they showcase some gondola cars from some countries, and some Kung Fu characters with no face so we could put our face there then took some pictures ;)) . And there’s also a wishing shrine, where we could put our wishes there.

The Tian Tan Buddha is located on a hill, so we could see that from a far … and that also means … we need to climb the stairs to go to the Buddha haha! As the place of the Buddha is high, so it also offers great view of the surrounding area, especially when it’s a bright day where we could see a clear blue sky 🙂 There’s also a museum inside the Buddha, so yes … It’s better you climb that stairs 😉 Btw, there’s an entrance fee if you want to go inside to the Buddha statue. It’s about HKD28.00, but you’ll also get a coupon for ice cream and mineral water 🙂 .Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Tian Tan Buddha from afar
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - A view from The Buddha area (1)

The view from the Buddha area

To make the Buddha statue, they divided the statue into 202 pieces (but they still keep the face into one piece). And there’s a swastika sign on the Buddha’s chest. Well, it’s actually different with the one that NAZI use. The NAZI used the inverted swastika sign. I found a website, where there’s a story about the process of making the Tian Tan Buddha. Just go here if you want to read it.

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Tian Tan Buddha - Swastika sign

Swastika sign on the Buddha’s chest

After exploring the Tian Tan Buddha, next place to visit was the Po Lin Monastery. It’s actually just like the temple that I visited in Guangzhou, not really much different though.
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Po Lin Monastery

After the monastery, then we thought that it’s a good idea to have lunch first before we continued visiting other places.

There are a lot of eating places in the Ngong Ping village, but we chose a similar style of restaurant like last night in Temple Street. We ordered fried rice covered with egg, tofu with mushroom, beef black pepper, and of course roasted duck! Haha. The food was delicious!

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Delicious Food

Yummy!! 😀

We still had some time before some of the shows that we wanted to watch, such as the Monkey’s Tale and Shaolin and Wu Dang Martial Arts Extravaganza; so it’s best to go to Tai O Fishing Village and to have a boat excursion. Hmm … This wouldn’t take too long 😉

To get there, we just waited for the bus to the Tai O fishing village (it’s already included in the package) in the small bus terminal.

The trip to the village took quite some time actually. We passed hilly road, some condos and schools …

Arrived in Tai O fishing Village, the place was already crowded with tourists …
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Tai O Village

We didn’t know which one was actually the boat ride that included in our ticket. We went to a boat that was approaching the pier near us, but then someone said ‘Ooh, we’ve already booked the boat’ (I guess that’s the tour leader), then we saw a long queue in another area, so we asked a foreigner, than she said that this line was not the queue for our excursion, and she pointed another area. Then we walked to the area that the girl pointed, and we passed many sea food stores, and some stores that sell dried fish. Finally we found our boat area. It’s near a bridge that connected this area to the other side. Hmm, actually there were plenty of people walking from the other side … Is there something to see there? *curious, but didn’t have the time to explore more*
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Tai O Village - The bridge

So we started our boat excursion …

In the beginning, we went along  the small canal that connects to the open sea, to see the stilt houses (or also called pang uk). Some of the stilt houses are used to be restaurants too …

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Tai O Village - Stilt house

The stilt-houses in Tai O Fishing Village

Then we went to the open sea (South China Sea), where we could see a big hill (I didn’t remember what it’s called ;o))) ) on the coast line and of course the main star was to see the white dolphin … There were a few boats already waiting for the white dolphin to come up to the surface … Luckily, the white dolphin showed up a few times, but … it’s really quite hard to take a good picture of it. Well, actually I managed to take a picture of it … but … well just see it by yourself … 😐

Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Tai O Village - Boat excursion - White dolphin

Do you believe me, that the white thingy behind the bar was actually the white dolphin … ?? ;o)))

We didn’t explore much the Tai O village after we finished the boat excursion (there’s a lot to see here actually!). The show in Ngong Ping Village was about to begin, so we headed directly to the bus stop.

First we watched the Monkey’s Tale. It’s an indoor show where they showed a video of three monkeys on a journey of greed, gluttony, and friendship.

Next show was the Shaolin and Wu Dang Martial Arts Extravaganza. The show was really exciting. They showed their skills in using various weapons, and a demo of fighting. The differences between the Shaolin and Wu Dang were the hair and their outfit. Wu Dang people still has their hair, while the Shaolin people shaved their head.
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Shaolin & Wu Dang Martial Arts Extravaganza (1)
Hong Kong trip - Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village - Shaolin & Wu Dang Martial Arts Extravaganza (1)

I recorded a few minutes of their performance, so enjoy 😉


Aaahhh … It’s afternoon already, it’s time to go … Well, not home yet … We planned to see The Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong trip - Tung Chung - Photo shooting

In front of Citygate Outlets (Afternoon time)

Ticket for 360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass: HKD180
For more information about the price of the cable car and the package, please go here.



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