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A closer look to Kuala Namu International Airport

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Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - 2

Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

In my recent visit to Medan, I was excited not to see the city, but also excited to see the newly built Kuala Namu International Airport.

When I bought the flight ticket to Medan, the airport was still using Polonia Airport which is located in the city of Medan. Then in July, the airline sent me another e-ticket with the new code for the new airport. Since then, I heard or read people’s update status that they were in Kuala Namu International Airport, even some news about how expensive is the train ticket that connected Kuala Namu International Airport with Medan.

Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - Inside

The high ceiling in Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

I just couldn’t wait to see it with my own eyes!

How good is it? How’s the train that connected the airport with the city?

When my plane landed safely on the runaway, I was so excited just like a little kid that are going to a toy store. The facade of the terminal has a similar characteristic of the new airport in Indonesia which is using glass from the top to the second floor. There are a few Air Bridge at this airport, but for us, we needed to go down stairs and continue with the bus.

The arrival area is, as always, crowded, especially in the baggage collection area. With a lower ceiling, it seemed the area was packed, but the next area is different. The next area, which is more like a ‘public area’ where the passengers and the people, who pick them up, meet has a very high ceiling. From here, I could see that this airport is another two levels up.Β The first floor has a few restaurants and snacks shop, but the second floor are mostly still empty. The third floor is for the departure area with Starbucks sign that was easy to spot on (it’s not open yet at the moment).

I’ll talk about the third floor later.

Now, let’s talk about the train …

The distance from the new Kuala Namu International Airport to the city (Medan) is around 40 km, and there are a few transportation method that we can use. One of them is the new train that connects the train station in Medan straight to Kuala Namu International Airport with no stops. The price looks expensive, but with the long distance and the short travel period (about 37 minutes); I think it’s worth the money.

Indonesia - Medan - Train Station - Ticketing counter

The ticketing counter in the train station – Medan (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Everything looks good since I arrived in the train station at Jalan Stasiun Kereta Api, including the ticketing counter area. All looks neat and clean. This train station also connected to a new Lotte Mart with a sky bridge.

From the news, I read that this train is made in Korea, and I am so in love with the train. It’s so comfortable, and clean. One thing that I feel this train should have is a wi-fi connection. Then it will become more perfect! πŸ˜‰

Indonesia - Medan - Airport Railing System (ARS) - Train to Kuala Namu International Airport Medan - Baggage storage

The luggage storage

Indonesia - Medan - Airport Railing System (ARS) - Train to Kuala Namu International Airport Medan

The seatings inside the train to Kuala Namu International Airport

Update : now Jakarta also has an airport rail link service that connect Soekarno Hatta International Airport to some of the train station in Jakarta and Bekasi.

Read it here : Soekarno Hatta Airport Train

The train station at Kuala Namu International airport is in a different building with the airport, but located next to each other.Β I just walked out from the train station and head to the departure area on the third floor of the airport.

I like the arrangement of the check-in counter in the departure area on the third floor. It’s similar to the one in Changi Singapore airport, where the area is big and the most important thing is it has plenty of check-in counter! Superb.

Just like the first floor; the third floor of this airport has quite a few of restaurants and retail shops. Not sure what they will put in the second floor, but I think they will use it for retail shops and restaurants too! The more the merrier! πŸ™‚

(Update: I read in an article, that they will use the second floor for hourly rate hotel … So it’s similar like the one in Singapore I guess πŸ™‚ ).

Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - Check-in counter

The check-in counters in the departure area of Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - Retail shops

The retail shops on the third floor of Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - Restaurant

The restaurants on Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

While I needed to go three levels up to the departure area, I needed to go three levels down to the waiting room πŸ™‚

The arrival area has a lot of waiting room that can accommodate many domestic and quite a few of international flights. Not too mention that the waiting area is very spacious too!

Indonesia - Medan - Kuala Namu International Airport - Waiting room - 1

The waiting room in the departure area of Kuala Namu International Airport (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Even though I felt like I was in the ferry terminal just like in Hong Kong or Singapore when I was in the arrival area, but I like what they do in the departure area – check-in counters and also love the train. Overall, I like Kuala Namu International Airport plus the train system.Β The airport is still under construction in some part, and hopefully it will be much better when the construction is complete.

Let’s keep this new airport and train clean, so our trip become more comfortable πŸ™‚

For the train schedule and ticket booking. please go to the Airport Railink System website:

Stasiun KA Bandara Medan
Jl. Stasiun No. 1 – Medan
Sumetra Utara, Indonesia
Phone: +62 61 4561331

Original train ticket price: IDR80,000 (per December 2013)

Current promotion for train ticket (per December 2013):
– AirAsia passengers: IDR65,000
– Garuda Indonesia passengers: FREE!

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  • Khai

    I still remember how packed, small, crowded and stuffy it was when the international airport used to be the Polonia International Airport. Right smack at the city centre with residential areas and only 2-3 luggage pick up area, it was soooo small.

    But this is truly an international airport. I haven’t been to the new airport but when I received the news recently, I felt excited too. It is so beautiful! Hopefully it will be well-maintained.

    My friend went to Medan few months back but the train wasn’t operational yet. Glad they have train because train is the way it is now.

    So, how much the price ticket for the train? And to take the train must go to level 3, am I correct?

    • timothywp

      Oh u went to Polonia before? Then u should try Kuala Namu soon haha!

      Yes the train is on now, and the original price is IDR80,000, but currently there’s a promotion for passengers of AirAsia (only IDR65,000) and Garuda (FREE!).
      The train station is not on the third level, but from the ground level of the airport, you just walked out to the next building. πŸ™‚

  • Aggy

    Wow uber fancy and hi-tech! It doesn’t look like any other airport in Indonesia and I quite fancy that train! Hmm maybe I should go to Medan πŸ˜‰

    • timothywp

      Yes the train is very nice! And I think you will love Medan, it has plenty of delicious food! Haha.

  • Halim

    Bandara Soeta lewat… bandara Ngurah Rai yang baru mubasir…hahaha…
    Asli top banget Kualanamu jadi pingin ngerasain landing di sana πŸ˜€

    • timothywp

      Bandara Ngurah Rai? Haha … Udah jd blm ya Oom?? Blm ke sana2 lagi nih πŸ™‚

  • Nella

    Katanya tiket kereta menuju ke bandarannya mahal ya?, kalau lihat dalamnya kereta ya sebandinglah, gpp lah agak mahal, interiornya bagus, bersih pula, bangkunya nyaman kan? πŸ˜€ .

    • timothywp

      Kelihatannya sih mahal ya, tapi dgn kenyamanan, ketepatan, dan kecepatannya, spt nya emang sebanding kok πŸ™‚
      Apalagi skrg lagi ada promo tiketnya, bisa didiskon, ato bahkan ada jg yg gratis! πŸ˜‰

  • Bobby Ertanto

    Baru merasakannya pas mendarat 22dec lalu. What a long runway I think ya oom, puanjaaaang banget. Sekarang kalo pulang kampung, bisa berlama-lama dibandara, ga kayak polonia dulu yang kumuh dan ga terawat. Menurutku kuala namu mirip changi atau shuvarnabhumi versi kecil hahaha.. tapi sayangnya, budaya semrawut masih sering terlihat deh. Pekerja-pekerja ‘malas’ (ga customer oriented), banyak karyawan nggangur tapi biarin antrian panjang dll. Koq jadi curcol ya hahahaaha
    Semoga kedepan semakin baik diiringi kualitas SDMnya.

    • timothywp

      Hahaha … karyawan yg mana nih? Saran2nya diterima, semoga ke depannya lbh baik *serasa yg kelola airport aja* πŸ˜€
      Dulu ga sempet merasakan Polonia soalnya, jd ga bs membandingkan πŸ˜€

      • Bobby

        Biasa yg sukak delay oom yg sudah terkenal ga customer oriented. Pstspstspstspst *bisik2berhadiah*

        • timothywp

          Hahahaha …

          Kemaren AirAsia okeeee kokkkk πŸ˜€ *sebut nama* #kode hahaha!

  • Meidi

    Wuihhh seru yah ternyata bandara baru ini om πŸ™‚ I like it
    semoga tahun depan ada kesempatan buat mampir mampir aaaahh
    btw train farenya berapa sik?

    • timothywp

      I think next year you can wait in Starbucks lah … haha and hunt for tumblr Medan edition πŸ˜›

      The original ticket price is IDR80,000 … Already updated my blog post with current promotion, especially for Garuda Indonesia passengers πŸ˜‰

  • dansapar

    jadi ingat pernah nginap di kualanamu ini demi penerbangan jam setengah 6 pagi, eh pesawatnya delay 4 jam lebih

    oh iya, kmrin pake AA tiketnya dapet diskon πŸ˜€

    • timothywp

      Walah, uda nginep malah delay ya … =.=

      Iya kl AA dpt diskon, harganya jd Rp. 65.000,- πŸ™‚

  • vira

    aaaakk, pengen ke Medan! pengen ke Kuala Namu dan naik keretanyaaa…! πŸ˜€

    • timothywp

      Keretanya emang top markotop deh … tp lbh top kl ada wifi nya *teteuppp* hahaha πŸ˜€

  • travelwithoutborders

    kereta ke kota nya keliatan Ok banget!



    • timothywp

      Iyaa, oke kann keretanya *serasa yg punya* πŸ˜€

  • jardness

    tickets are cheap now on Airasia.. might head there next month and this post helped me a lot! thanks a bunch!!

    • timothywp

      Is it cheaper now?? That’s a great news! πŸ™‚

      Hope you enjoy your trip in North Sumatera πŸ™‚

  • Matius Teguh Nugroho

    Bandaranya bagus. Sudah bisa disandingkan dengan bandara Changi atau KLIA. Tapi, agak miris justru malah bandara ibukota kita belum sebagus itu. Semoga SHIA bisa menyusul KNO nantinya πŸ™‚

    Kalau dibandingkan dengan Prameks atau Sriwedari Ekspres, ya emang jauh lebih mahal sih. Tapi kalau dibandingkan dengan KLIA Ekspres yang harganya 35 RM (sekitar IDR 100,000) dan menurut gue kualitasnya setara, ya harga ARS itu masih cukup masuk akal πŸ™‚

    Oh iya, semoga Bandara Kulonprogo Yogyakarta juga bisa segera dibangun tanpa ada lagi demo-demoan πŸ˜€

    • timothywp

      Hahaha iya nih, lagian ARS nya bagus dan bersih kok, cuma ga ada WiFi aja *teteup*

      Jogja tuh mestinya bandaranya oke ya, soalnya kan juga salah satu ‘pintu masuk’ dari luar … πŸ™‚

  • Zarina

    Maaf bertanye mana lagi bagus ya ambik luggage extra di kl atau dia medan nanti bila di kaunter baru bayar?

    • timothywp

      Hi Zarina …

      Sorry, mungkin ada baiknya kamu tanya je ke airline-nya untuk biaya2 baggage πŸ™‚

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