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Komodo LOB Trip: First hill to conquer on Kelor Island …

Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach - Featured Image
Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (02)Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (02)

Welcome to Kelor Island. The hill looks small from afar, right?! Haha! (Flores – Indonesia)

Kelor Island was our next destination after Bidadari Island during our recent Komodo LOB trip.

The LOB (Live on board / live aboard) trip is basically a hopping islands trip, but rather than going back to the home base, we spend the night on a boat, so we don’t waste time to go back, and can reach islands farther from the main island.

From a distance, it’s just like another small island with one hill, where I could see a path leading to the top of the hill. So I know that one of the activities that I could do on this island was to walk up to the hill.

The hill looks not that big from afar … well yes, everything looks smaller from afar but when I stood at the foot of the hill … hmmm … Then I realized that the path is ascending at 45 degrees or even more.

Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (09) - Up up to the hill

Okay … Now the hill looks taller than before @.@ … Haha! – at Kelor Island (Flores – Indonesia)

Well … We tried to walk up the hill, then at the middle of the hill, we then realized (again) that the path is more like a dry soil and it was getting slippery – because of the ‘sandy’ surface, at some points.

I was only wearing mountain sandals, and although it has a strap at the back side, it is still sandals, and I think the grips of the soles were not that firm compares if I used climbing shoes.

Oh well, we then decided to just stop there and sit, and just enjoy the view from the middle of the hill *sad face*


Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (04) - The view from the hill

The view from (the middle) of the hill of Kelor Island. Looks wonderful, right?! (Flores – Indonesia)

Not long after that, we just walked to the bottom and walked to the beach at the left side of us.

Wow, the water was just that clear!!

Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (06) - Clear water

Clear water at Kelor Island (Flores – Indonesia)

And then I was wondering, is it possible to just walk circle of the island – as I did not try it before?

Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (08) - The other side of the beach

Hmm … Would love to walk around the Kelor Island next time (Flores – Indonesia)

I would love to walk around the island next time …

And perhaps – next time too – I will wear proper climbing shoes and climb that hill to the top! Hahaha …

It was another short visit to Kelor Island of Flores on our first day of Komodo LOB trip.

It was a good warming up for the next day … The captain asked us before whether we exercised regularly or like to climb mountains, etc … We just answered it with a ‘No.’ Lol …

We were wondering why he asked that question.

He then said that … Well, the second day we would climb another hills …

Oh dear …

Lolsss …

Indonesia - Flores - Komodo LOB trip - Kelor Island and beach (07) - Trees with no leaves

A visit to Kelor Island on our first day of Komodo LOB Trip (Flores – Indonesia)

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