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Jogja, Here I Come … :) (Part Two – end)

Jogja Trip - Mount Merapi - A view from a bridge

This post is part two of my recent Jogja (or Yogya from Yogyakarta) trip, and plan to combine it with day three, which was my last day on Jogja.

Jogja Trip - Gang DuaThe next day, we had the Candi tour (Borobudur and Prambanan) also Kali Adem which was not that far from Mount Merapi. We booked the tour the day before, where the tour provider, Cecko trans, is located beside the hotel. The tour fee was quite cheap. It’s included the driver, gas, and entrance fee for car. They used Daihatsu Xenia for the car.

We started in the morning, around 8:00AM, from the tour provider’s place. Car can’t enter the alley as it too small :).  I kinda forgot how long did we need to travel from our place to Candi Borobudur. I guess it’s about 1 – 1.5 hour travel? (Correct me if I’m wrong). It’s quite long, because Candi Borobudur located outside Jogjakarta. It’s in Magelang, Central Java.

That day the sky was clear, I was really glad for that.

On our way to the Candi Borobudur, the view was great, but oh well, as it took some time to travel, I fell asleep occasionally haha! Near Candi Borobudur, we
Jogja Trip - Scenery on the way to Candi Borobudur
passed Candi Mendut, which is only one Candi, so we thought we’re going to have a quick visit to Candi Mendut later after Candi Borobudur.
At the entrance of Candi Borobudur, after we paid the entrance fee, we needed to wear sarung before we entered the Candi complex. It’s quite crowded at that time.
Jogja Trip - Candi Borobudur (1)
There’re some students who visited the Candi, local tourists, and a few foreigners. Candi Borobudur is quite big, and has a few levels. As we couldn’t cover all, so first we went up to the highest level and took some picture there, then after that we looked at the reliefs at each levels.
Jogja Trip - Candi Borobudur (2)We didn’t use tour guide, so we didn’t pay attention to the details of the carvings. We noticed that there are some tour guide that are able to speak Japanese, and Dutch, or perhaps German.

At the highest level, we could see Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu side-by-side, and at the other side we could see Bukit Menoreh (Bukit = Hill) and Mount Sumbing.
Jogja Trip - Candi Borobudur - Mt. Merapi & Merbabu at the background
Jogja Trip - Candi Borobudur - Bukit Menoreh
Jogja Trip - Candi Borobudur - The statue without stupaUsually people could touch the Buddha statue inside the perforated stupa, but at that time (or perhaps currently) people was not allowed to step, or sit on any part of the stupa. (We need to step on the lower part of the stupa to reach the Buddha through the hole). Not all Buddha statues was cover with the stupa thou.

The weather that day was quite hot, really hot actually, and we didn’t use any sunblock or bring any umbrellas haha. After we finished exploring Candi Borobudur, my first goal was to find a cold drink! Haha. Heat made me thirsty! Through the exit, there’re many stalls that sold food and beverages, and souvenirs.

Jogja Trip - Candi Mendut - The Buddha Statue inside the roomAfter Candi Borobudur, next destination was to Candi Mendut. The distance was not that far from Candi Borobudur. The driver said that beside the complex of Candi Mendut, there’s a monastery beside Candi Mendut (with a sleeping Buddha too in the front yard). Actually the complex of Candi Mendut was quite big, but there’re only one Candi and one big banyan tree inside the complex. Inside the room of the Candi, there’re three statues, one is at the centre, seating facing the entrance of the room, while the other two are at the left and right side of the centre statue. There’s a praying place in front of the statue too.

Jogja Trip - Candi Mendut

Photo Credit: Sinthya

We didn’t spend much time here, as we needed to go to the next spot, which was Kaliadem. Before we headed to Kaliadem, we stopped at one bridge. The river was affected with the eruption of Mount Merapi. We could see that the river was full of sand (or perhaps dried lava). The driver also told us that in one bridge, previously the distance between the bridge and the bottom of the river was far, but because of the lava (and then the lava dried), the distance becomes closer to the bridge.
Jogja Trip - Near Kali Adem - People mining the sand (dried lava)The area of Kaliadem was actually also affected with the lava from Mount Merapi. It’s the area with a lot of pine trees, but because of the steam from Mount Merapi, some of them have no branch and leaves.
Jogja Trip - Kali Adem - The pine treesWe stopped in that area for a moment to take pictures. Then the driver drove us to a place which was actually a housing area, but again because of the steam, most of the houses were destroyed. But some of the residents has already returned to the location and rebuilt their houses.

Before we headed to Candi Prambanan, we asked the driver to stop at any restaurants to have lunch.

The restaurant is called Rumah Makan Timbul Roso, which is located near Kali Adem. It has some area for the dining: the main house, and some little stilt-houses (or is it bungalow) outside the main house. There’s a pond below the stilt-houses. The ambience of the location is quite nice, it’s like we entered a different world … Lol. I also could see a river beside the restaurant.
Jogja Trip - Timbul Roso Restaurant - The stilt-houseJogja Trip - Timbul Roso Restaurant - The LunchFor the food itself, the taste was quite nice, we ordered ikan lele, ikan gurame, and sayur asem. I guess it’s a package for 3 people. We didn’t expect the portion for ikan lele was that big haha. They served more than 3 ikan lele on a plate!

Finished with the lunch, then we headed to the Candi Prambanan. If I looked the Jogjakarta map, the location of Candi Borobudur is in northern part of the map (which is outside Jogja – in Magelang), then Candi Prambanan is in the eastern part  of Jogja.

It’s already around 4PM when we reached Candi Prambanan, so I guessed we could catch the sunset in Candi Prambanan before we headed back to the hotel.

Funny thing happened with Sinthya in the ticketing counter. She was asked whether I was a foreigner or local. She stated clearly that I’m Indonesian! 😀 Then … at the entrance, another staff questioned me whether I was a foreigner or local. Lol. Yes, I am a local tourist from Jakarta 😀 Then Sinthya told me her experience when she went to Prambanan with her friends. One of her friend has an Indian look (he’s Indonesian too). And they experienced the same thing like we did that day. This was just hilarious 😀

Anyway, back to Candi Prambanan.

Jogja Trip - Candi Prambanan (1)Sinthya told me that there’s a folktale behind this Candi Prambanan. So in order for Bandung Bondowoso could marry Roro Jonggrang, he needed to build a thousand temple in one night. So Bandung Bondowoso used his natural super power to build this Candi Prambanan.

There are 3 main temples in Candi Prambanan, which were dedicated to the Gods. The largest one called Shiwa (or Shiva), on the left is Brahma, and on the right is Vishnu. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enter Shiwa temple. It’s already being fenced, probably because the structure is not strong enough because of the previous earthquake and the eruption of Mount Merapi. I could also see a part of one of the temple on the ground (also inside a fence).
Jogja Trip - Candi Prambanan - Scattered stones which ones were templesJogja Trip - Candi Prambanan - Candi GarudaIn front of each main candi, there are another 3 candi which housed the vehicle of the gods, those are Candi Garuda, Candi Angsa, and Candi Nandi. Supposedly, there’s a statue of each vehicle inside the temple, but only Candi Nandi that has the statue, that is a bull.

It’s time to wait for the sunset, but as our tour ended at 5PM, so we could only see the sunset until 530PM something. Oops, it’s already too late 😀 It supposed to be a nice experience, watching sunset at Candi Prambanan.

After the whole day tour, and a bit exhausted but happy, we took a rest for a moment then showered before dinner. For dinner, we went to the restaurant in front of our hotel, called Bedhot Resto. Actually we planning to eat here the day before, but only some meals left that time. This time, we went there at dinner time, so every things were still available 😉

In the menu, it said that it could provide a snake meat, but you needed to notify them one day before. Never tried snake meat before, and not sure whether I want to try it someday or not haha. So I ordered beef burger and Sinthya ordered wiener schnitzel.

First order came, and can you guess what is this?
Jogja Trip - Bedhot Resto - BurgerWell, we thought it’s wiener schnitzel (doh!) so the plate was at Sinthya’s side. Then she named the meal with her name, and I said to her …

‘Your wiener schnitzel looks like my burger, don’t you think?’

Then, came the second meal … Hahaha … Okay, no need further explanation … 😀Jogja Trip - Bedhot Resto - Wiener Schnitzel

Jogja Trip - Sinthya trying the batikAfter dinner, the night was still young, and it’s our last night in Jogjakarta, so we decided to go to Jalan Malioboro to shop and then have wedang ronde ;). But then we saw these sellers who’re in front of the Grage Ramayana hotel outside the alley of Gang Dua, who sold souvenirs, batik, bags, and sandals. We bought a lot of batik that time, errr Jogja Trip - Wedang Rondecorrection, it was me who bought a lot lol 😀 Sinthya said the price was reasonable after the bargain. While we shopped, a wedang ronde passed by the place, and we bought it. It’s really nice! The warm of Wedang ronde! Yummy …

Yess … So we closed our second day with batik shopping and wedang ronde … Nice 🙂 🙂

Not much that we did on our third day in Jogja. We just went to Jalan Malioboro and visited Pasar Beringharjo to see what’s inside and shop a little. I just bought a
Jogja Trip - Pasar Beringharjo (1)
Jogja Trip - Pasar Beringharjo - Inside Pasar
Jogja Trip - Jalan Malioboro - Soto Ayamfew batik again. On our way back to the hotel, we entered some stores in Jalan Malioboro, also looked at some souvenir stalls, and bought some little souvenirs. We also tried to have soto ayam there. It’s a light meal.

Well, it’s time to go back to the hotel and go home … *sad sad sad*

See yaaa, Jogja! 🙂

My Jogja trip: Part 1 | Sendratari Ramayana

For more pictures of my Jogja trip, please go to my flicker page.

Rumah Makan Timbul Roso:
Jl. Cangkringan Km 3.5 Brayut, Wukirsari Cangkringan Sleman, Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274)897217

Info for tour provider (I got this info from the website):

Cecko Trans
 (this is actually under the same group with 1001 malam hotel)
Email: or
Phone: +62274560966
Entrance fee:
– Candi Borobudur: IDR30,000
– Candi Mendut: IDR3,300
– Candi Prambanan: IDR30,000
Fee for ‘Jasa Pengelolaan Wisata Alam Erupsi Merapi 2010’ (the management of Mount Merapi eruption 2010 nature tour?): IDR3,000

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  • Sinthya

    The ticket man thought Bobby Singh was an Indian citizen. Bobby Singh is our classmate in med school who was born in Yogyakarta and also speak Javanese. He’s an Indonesian indeed.

    • timothywp

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  • LonelyTravelog

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    • timothywp

      Not really 😛 , I used iPhone for most of the pictures in this post. It turned out to be great pictures, love the cloud 🙂
      I also used my Lomo camera (Horizon) for the wide angle 😀

      • LonelyTravelog

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        • timothywp

          Hahaha … Still learning how to get good pictures though, but don’t want to miss good shot, so I used the iPhone 😛

  • Sinthya

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    interesting !

  • Shyvonne

    May i know how long distance from borobudur to Kaliadem and Kaliadem to Prambanan?

    • timothywpawiro

      Not sure about the distance in KM, but I could do all of them in one day.

      Borobudur and Kaliadem is quite close to each other. Meanwhile Prambanan is located close to the Jogja airport 😉

  • wooclipmovie

    ya ampun aku mau ke candi borobudur aja ga pernah kesampean .. hikz

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