Introducing the Sumbawa beach

During the Newmont Bootcamp in February 2016 (you can read the posts about the bootcamp in the social media using #NewmontBootcamp), I got the chance to see some of the beautiful Sumbawa beach. That was my first encounter with the Sumbawa beach. Not only I visited one beach, but I managed to visit 5 beaches in several areas of Sumbawa.

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The Sumbawa beach

Rantung Beach

The beach is located in Sekongkang district.

Rantung Beach is a sunset beach, so it is best to come here when it comes to sunset time, well, if you are a sunset guy ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Rantung Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

This beach hasย 2 small islands in front of itย andย I think we could actually reach that island on foot during the low tide. With these two small islands in front of the beach, of course it can give us aย niceย โ€˜frameโ€™ when taking pictures of the sunset. Moreover,ย it would be great if the sky was clear and the cloud has a lovely shape too ๐Ÿ˜‰


The sunset from Rantung Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

It seems this beach is also the place for surfers to find the waves, as I could see some of the surfers walked back with the boards after they had fun with the waves.

As far as I could see, there are some hotels in this beach, and I think the hotel also has its own restaurant or cafรฉ. We also waited in one of the restaurants before we walked out to the beach to enjoy the sunset ๐Ÿ˜‰


Enjoying the snack with a beer before heading to the beach to see the sunset at Rantung Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Maluk Beach

Myself and some of the Newmont Bootcamp participants, visited Maluk Beach twice in a day. Maluk Beach is located in Maluk district.


Someone is enjoying walking on a catwalk (= waves barriers) at Maluk Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Our first visit was during the lunch time so we can have the traditional food of Sumbawaย that isย called Rarit. Rarit is like โ€˜dendengโ€™ or jerked meat, but this one has a different look with the one that I usually see. Usually the jerked meat is like a thin layer of meat, but the cook of this warung, cut the jerked meat into small pieces. The โ€˜raritโ€™ dish also comes with delicious sambal or chili, and soup. While, weโ€™re waiting for our rarity, we were also served with fried banana, and this was the first time, we ate banana with chili haha!


Having rarit at Maluk Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

As the day was still hot, there was not much to do at that time, besides taking pictures in front of the โ€˜PANTAI MALUKโ€™ sign, which is built by Newmont Indonesia.

Our second visit to Maluk Beach was in the afternoon, as Maluk Beach is another sunset beach in Sumbawa. It seems that Maluk Beach has more visitors than Rantung Beach, as I saw people keep coming to the beach in the afternoon.


Sunset time at Maluk Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

In this beach, there is also a small baby turtle conservation, which is supported by Newmont Indonesia. Since December 2010, there were more than 15,000 baby turtles that have been released to the sea, and we also had the opportunity to release some baby turtles. The turtles that were released are not the newly hatched. The caretaker keeps the baby until it is bigger and the shell is harder.


Releasing the baby turtle to the sea from Maluk Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Lawar Beach

Lawar Beach is one of the Sumbawa beach that I love the most.

Because the place seems located in a secluded area, and nobody visited the beach besides us and some local people who herded their cows in an abandoned property.


The peaceful Lawar Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Less people means a good thing when you visited a beach, right? It likes that you owned the beach haha! So myself and some friends just enjoyed taking pictures on one side of the beach where there were plenty of rocks scattered on the beach. Unfortunately we could not see the sun set clearly as the cloud block the sun, and I think the sun would set behind the hill on the left.


Whose camera is that? – at Lawar Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

The abandoned property was actually a hotel before. Itโ€™s unfortunate that they closed it, as I think, this place is a really nice spot to set some accommodations and eating places. I imagined that I set a guest house using bamboo materials and thatched roof and put some rustic furniture in it โ€ฆ Ahh that would be lovely!


The abandoned house at Lawar Beach. It was used as a hotel before (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Even though I love this beach more than others, there were many garbage on the beach. I know the waves brought them to this beach, so that means โ€ฆ where the garbage came from? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Poto Batu Beach

Poto Batu Beach is located in Taliwang district. We actually did not plan to stop here. However, along our way to a village near Kertasari Beach, we saw that the scenery was beautiful, and we kept taking pictures from inside the bus. Then we saw this beach with lonely big rock just beside the beach. We asked the driver to stop for a while haha.


Don’t you want to stop when seeing this view from inside the bus? – at Poto Batu Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

This big rock is not an ordinary rock, as somehow there is a hole at the center of the rock. The hole is big enough so it can fit for some of us to walk through the rock. Some of us also tried to climb the big rock to get a better view from above.


The Poto Batu Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)


The big rock with a hole at the center at Poto Batu beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

Anyway, did you see some paintings on that big stone? Hmm โ€ฆ

Kertasari Beach

Still in Taliwang district, our visit to Kertasari was actually to visit the village where the people have sea weed farm at the beach, but as the village is located closed to the Kertasari Beach, so we decided to visit this beach for a while after that.


The Kertasari Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)

There is also a big stone hill in front of the beach just like the Poto Batu Beach. As I did not go up the hill at the Poto Batu Beach, so I decided to climb up this time. The stone is actually quite high and a bit difficult to climb as there was no track (of course!) to the top. But once I reached the top of the hill, the beautiful view has awaited me. I could get the 360 degrees scenery from up here!


The view of Kertasari Beach from above the hill (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)


This is the edge of the big rock at Kertasari Beach (Sumbawa Barat – Indonesia)


So what do you think about the Sumbawa beach?

Worth to visit, right?

Which one is your favourite beach?

I think, you already knew, which one is my favourite haha!


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