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Feels like home at House Sangkuriang Bandung

hotel house sangkuriang bandung featured image

When you passed Jalan Siliwangi in Bandung, you most probably have seen a building with the letter ‘H’ at the top floors of the building. I also once wondering, what this building is. Later I found out that this H building is actually a hotel called House Sangkuriang Bandung. I always curious on how does it feel to stay at Hotel Sangkuriang Bandung, as the place is surrounded by trees! That’s why I finally decided to have a staycation in Bandung just last month.

hotel house sangkuriang bandung

Hotel House Sangkuriang Bandung, with the letter H at the top

House Sangkuriang Bandung doesn’t look like any modern hotels or any hotel chains. Even, the design of the building looks like an old building style, with rounded shape in some of the sides and white colour at the exterior walls. There is no complexity at the design. But, that what makes me love staying at this hotel. Staying at House Sangkuriang Bandung feels like staying at home, it’s so homey. Just like the name of the hotel, House Sangkuriang, it is more like a ‘house’, not a hotel 🙂

hotel house sangkuriang bandung backside area swimming pool

White, white, and white for the walls of House Sangkuriang Bandung

view rooftop house sangkuriang bandung swimming pool

The view of the swimming pool and the surrounding from the top

The location of House Sangkuriang Bandung

Hotel Sangkuriang Bandung actually has a very nice location, as I said earlier, you can see the place from Jalan Siliwangi. That means this place is close to Simpang Dago and of course near Jalan Dago with its Factory Outlet and café. So there is no way that you can get hungry if you want to dine out. The place is located near McDonald Simpang Dago and many street vendors as well.

The location that near Dago Atas makes this location has a cool weather, even I don’t feel hot when at one time, I turned off the aircon in my room. I think the trees planted around the hotel also help cooling down the weather.

Walking around the hotel

When you arrived at the hotel and want to check-in, don’t expect to find grand lobby area. No, everything is simple. The lobby desk is at the right side just after you entered the hotel, while the rest of the area is part of a dining area and the lounging area with many sofas.

lobby area hotel house sangkuriang bandung

The lobby area of House Sangkuriang Bandung

private room lobby area house sangkuriang bandung

A private room at the lobby area

And when I walked a bit to the backside of the hotel, there I found the swimming pool. The swimming pool is just beside the deck of the outdoor dining area. I did not just plunge myself to the pool, but just want to enjoy the fresh air, as at this point what I can see in front of my eyes are lot of trees, and not the Jalan Siliwangi. It’s so green and just pleased my eyes haha.

outdoor dining area house sangkuriang bandung

The pool and the outdoor dining area at the backside of the hotel

Do you know that the hotel has a backyard too?

Yes, it has! Just walked down from the side of the pool to the backyard. There are benches and table, the backyard is planted with grass. It just felt like your own backyard. Again, the tall trees around this hotel, makes this place becomes more private. The trees almost block the noise from the traffic outside.

timo wp lazying at the backyard house sangkuriang bandung

Relaxing at the backyard

riding bike backyard house sangkuriang bandung

Sadly there is something wrong with the bike chain haha!

From the backyard, if I walked to the center of the hotel, I could find a big fish pond at the center of the hotel. See, again, it’s just like home. The center of the hotel is void, so although I stayed at the third floor, I can still manage to see the fish pond from the corridor in front of my room.

big fish pond center house sangkuriang bandung

Big fish pond at the center of the hotel

Does it have a rooftop area?

Well, technically House Sangkuriang Bandung doesn’t have a rooftop, as there is nothing on top of the top floor. But, if you look from outside, the lobby area actually inside what it looks like a regular two-story house, which then embed to the hotel building next to it. So, if you are looking for a rooftop area, then House Sangkuriang Bandung indeed has a rooftop on top of that two-story house. Haha. But don’t expect to find a restaurant or café at the rooftop. The rooftop is more like a mini garden, but the plant is planted inside a pot. Nevertheless, as there are chairs and table here, I can just sit and relax and enjoy the cool weather up here.

rooftop house sangkuriang bandung

The rooftop with mini garden

The Rooms

There are three types of room at House Sangkuriang Bandung. The Sangkuriang, which is similar to superior room, The Siliwangi, which is the deluxe room and has bigger space than Sangkuriang. The last one is the Family Suite with two bedrooms inside the suite.

The view that you can get from each room can be varied. As I stayed at Siliwangi room, I can get the view of the backyard, as my balcony is facing Jalan Siliwangi. This means, I can enjoy breathing the fresh air from my balcony, and enjoy the view of the trees at the backyard. So, it feels like home, right? Just imagine looking at your backyard from the balcony of your own bedroom hehe.

view siliwangi room house sangkuriang bandung

A nice view from the balcony of my room

The Sangkuriang room has a different view as the room is facing Jalan Sangkuriang. Meanwhile, the family suite, I guess it is located at the center of the building. I mean, their balcony is facing the center of the building, so they can view the fish pond from their balcony.

The Sangkuriang room

I always like my bed to be double bed. My first reason is so it can look good on photo haha. My second reason is that I can have more space if I am sleeping alone! And thank goodness it has more than two pillows on my bed. For me, more pillows mean an increase on the comfort of the bed.

bedroom siliwangi room house sangkuriang bandung

The bedroom of Siliwangi room

I have said that Sangkuriang is bigger than Siliwangi, as it has more space for the working desk and another table and couch beside the bed. So, I treated this table as my dining table, as I like to order in-dining room service during my stay.

coffee drinks siliwangi room house sangkuriang bandung

Coffee and drinks

If you love wooden floor, then you will also love this room, just like I do!

How about the bathroom?

No fancy toilet seat with buttons, just a simple bathroom with a rain shower. Love love love to take a bath using this rain shower. It’s just like bathing under the rain, don’t you like it too? Haha.

bathroom house sangkuriang bandung

The bathroom

One thing that I love about the part of the toiletries is that I can get a real tooth brush here. It stored inside the box beside the wash basin. Real tooth brush means that I don’t need to dump it at the end of my stay at the hotel, as I can take it back home and use it as my regular tooth brush!

real tooth brush toiletries siliwangi room house sangkuriang bandung

Yeay, I got a real tooth brush!

The in-dining room service

As I stayed during the Ramadhan month, I can choose whether to have suhoor or to have a regular breakfast but inside my room. I chose the latter as I don’t fast. And because of this, I can choose a la carte meals listed in the menu. During my stay, I managed to order cap cay, nasi rawon, and soup Bandung. Which one was my favourite? Soup Bandung! To be honest, I didn’t know that soup Bandung will be my favourite, but I just love the taste of the broth, and everything in it, the nuts, the squash. Nice lah!

meals house sangkuriang bandung in dining room service

A la carte meals at House Sangkuriang Bandung

Have you stayed at House Sangkuriang Bandung? What do you think? ????

To book a room at House Sangkuriang Bandung, please click here.

The location of House Sangkuriang Bandung on Google Maps:

timo wp hotel house sangkuriang bandung

Will I come back again to stay at House Sangkuriang Bandung? Absolutely! <3 <3

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  • Iyos Kusuma

    Hey, Tim. You’re right. I looks like more than a house rather than a hotel. Or maybe, seems like a ‘luxurious wisma’. I like the tone of the room. Brown parquet, white-brown colours, and the dim light. Those bring a more homey ambience.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Haha, yeah, a luxurious wisma is also can. And the most important thing is so comfy staying in the hotel 😉

  • Matius Teguh Nugroho

    Aku dulu ngontrak di Jl. Siliwangi juga. Tau ini hotel, tapi nggak tau namanya Sangkuriang, hehehe.

    I love the rain shower and the tooth brush! Rain shower means i don’t have to hold the shower all the time. Simply stand still, atau duduk (serius, gue kadang duduk di bawah shower haha), dan biarkan air membasahi.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Well, I never sit when I shower lols, but yes I love rain shower haha!

      ((( biarkan air membasahi )))


  • Raisa

    aaaaaahhh always fall in love with your picture !!!
    Oppa Timothy Prawirotaman 🙂 . Nice to meet you (ceritanya nyasar ke blog ini).

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Ciyeeee nyasar kok bisa ke sini? Hahahaha … 😀

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