Hong Kong from the peak …

The famous view of Hong Kong city would be from The Peak. The Peak is an area in Victoria Gap.

There are many ways to go to the Peak. The most popular one would be the tram, and we did try using the tram when going down … 🙂

Within this area, there’s a mall called The Peak Tower. Actually we’re planning to go inside the mall, so we could get a better view of Hong Kong from the peak, but unfortunately the mall was already closed, because it closed at 11 PM 🙁

So we tried to find a way to take picture of the city, and we walked to a road beside the mall, and found this pavilion called Lions Pavilion, and heyyyy … this location has a superb view of the city from the peak too haha.

Hong Kong trip - The Peak - Hong Kong

I guess, if you don’t bring a camera, there are some photo service in that pavilion, so you can have a photo there with a fee …


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