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Visiting the giant man-made tree of Singapore

Gardens by the Bay - Directory sign - Cover page
Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove

The Supertree Grove from afar at Gardens by the Bay

Some time ago, on my way to Changi Airport; the area near Marina Bay Sands was still under construction.

Then, a couple of months ago, I started to see some pictures of some giant trees on my friend’s Facebook photo album, but I didn’t really pay attention to it. But then I kept seeing the pictures on my other friends’ Facebook lol! Some took the photos during the day, some got a chance to took photos in the night when the light is on and makes that giant trees look more beautiful.

Yes … I am talking about the Supertree Grove in Garden (Gardens) by the Bay in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay - Bayfront MRT station

Bayfront MRT corridor

Going to the Gardens by The Bay is easy! This is Singapore, so going anywhere is easy ;). So from the place that I stayed in Bras Basah road, we just took the MRT and alight in Bayfront MRT station and then just followed the direction to Gardens by the Bay.

That day, the weather was quite hot. Even though some part of the area is covered by the giant man-made tree, it’s still only a small part of the gardens, not all the area, so it’s better for you to bring an umbrella or hat if you decided to visit there during the day.

We even entered the Marina Bay Sands for a moment just to cool down and have lunch there before we continued to explore the garden :D. Marina Bay Sands is connected to the garden with a bridge called Dragonfly Bridge. The bridge is just near the exit from Bayfront MRT station.

Gardens by the Bay - Marina Bay Sands

Gardens by the Bay is connected with Marina Bay Sands through the Dragonfly bridge

Gardens by the Bay - Dragonfly bridge

Dragonfly bridge at Gardens by the Bay

We thought during that hot day, going up to the Supertree Grove was going to be hotter, but apparently it’s not. It’s much cooler! The skywalk which is about 25 metre above the ground is a great place to have a better view of the garden and also the surrounding. It’s really fun to walk on the skywalk, well not all would say this as a fun activities. Like my relative who was quite afraid when she’s walking in a part of the skywalk that quite narrow and the wind blew 😛

By the way, you need to climb 200 stairs to reach the skywalk … Okay I’m joking … There’s an elevator to reach the skywalk ;))

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove

The Supertree Grove with its skywalk at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove - The skywalk

The Skywalk that connects two Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove - A view from above

A view from the skywalk at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove - A view from above

Another view from above (from the Skywalk) at Gardens by the Bay

The gardens itself has many things to see not only the supertree grove, but they also have some other outdoor attractions too, such as  Heritage Gardens. In part of the Heritage Gardens, there’s a sculpture of a human cutout (Li Xiang), which represents the Chinese that ventured out to the foreign land. Besides outdoor attractions, they also have some indoor attractions such as Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, which are perfect for cooling down during the hot day! I didn’t went inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest though, we only spent most of the time at the Supertree Grove and then had a light meal in the food court (indoor with aircon! haha …) before we headed home.

Gardens by the Bay - Heritage Gardens - A sculpture of human cutout (Li Xiang)

A sculpture of human cutout (Li Xiang) at Heritage Gardens of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - Heritage gardens

Some sculptures in Heritage Gardens of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - Silver Garden, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest

At the back – Silver Garden (left), Flower Dome (centre), and Cloud Forest (right) at Gardens by the Bay

Talking about the food court; although they named their food court as Supertree Dining, it’s actually not located inside the supertree, but on the ground. There are quite a few restaurants inside the foodcourt, including Texas Chicken ;). There is actually a restaurant that located in one of the supertrees, in fact it’s in the tallest supertree. The restaurant called IndoChine.

Gardens by the Bay - Skytree dining

Skytree Dining at Gardens by the Bay

Going to the Gardens by the Bay during the night will also give a different view of the gardens. My friend, Daeng Rizam, has a post in his blog about Gardens by the Bay where he visited the gardens during the night. The post’s title is Glowing Midnight Supertrees.

For information about the opening hours and admission fees, please go here.

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove - In between the real trees

The branch of Supertree grove in between of the real branch of the trees at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - The supertree grove with the real trees

The giant man-made trees with the real trees at Gardens by the Bay

Mixed Up Already

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  • Nikki

    That place looks awesome!!! Love the photos. I’ve been wanting to visit Singapore for a while now…this may be the inspiration I need to go ahead and book my trip!

    • timothywpawiro

      Yesss … The giant tree is awesome!! ;)) Haven’t explored all the parts of the garden though, especially the one in a dome ;))

      Go to Singapore and then start exploring Asia 🙂

  • Bama

    Maybe I should check this place out if I go to Singapore again one day. Looks pretty interesting.

  • Hero

    Thanks for featuring my site on your post Tim! I’ve yet to go for the skywalk.

    • timothywpawiro

      Ure welcome, Hero! ;))

      Ouh was it closed already?

      • Hero

        It’s open but I’ve yet to walk on the skywalk

  • Khai

    I didn’t have the chance to go there during my visit to Singapore in February. I think it was yet to be completed then. But it looks nice looking at your photos and Hero’s photos. Need to revisit Singapore, I think. Hehehe

  • Khai

    And merry xmas to u Tim!

    • timothywpawiro

      Thanks, Khai! 🙂

      • Khai

        No problem. Hehe. Have a nice celebration with your family. And do inform me if you wanna come to Malaysia. Hehe. Hero is coming to KL tomorrow till Saturday. If we have a chance, we are going to have a meet up. ;D

        • timothywpawiro

          Ouh really?? Too bad, I can’t join you guys :'(

          U should join Hero for new year celebration, and ask him for all-access-area to the MBS during the count down *oops* ;)))

          • Khai

            Haha. I wish I have the time to go to Singapore for New Year. I am going to celebrate it here in KL. Maybe next time WE should ask him for that. Hahaha c.c Hero.


    Ah … Jadi kangen singapore dan teringat gw punya voucher makan $500 di 2am desert bar

    • timothywp

      Ihhh kakaaakk curannggg … Dpt voucher ga ajakkk2 … Huft!!

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