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Enjoying the Senggigi beach …

This post is still a part of my Lombok trip that I won from … 🙂

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Senggigi Beach Hotel

Senggigi Beach Hotel

After going to Gili Air for the whole day, we then went back to Lombok island, and visited Senggigi beach.

This is my first visit of Senggigi beach … Although we’re not staying in Senggigi area, visiting this beach is a must to satisfy my curiosity of the beach 🙂

Senggigi beach is a very long beach …

We started our long walk in the afternoon from the Senggigi Beach Hotel … Then, we planned to see the sunset at the other side of the beach. Well, we still have some time before the sunset.

This hotel is actually a very big hotel … Big as in wide … They also have a very nice eating area on the beach.

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Eating area of Senggigi Beach Hotel

Eating area at Senggigi Beach Hotel

While we’re walking, many people already on the beach. Some were doing sunbathing, some were just playing around on the beach with the families and friends.

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - People enjoying their time

Enjoying the beach

Senggigi beach - Snail Antenna (Photo credit Out For Vacation!)

Pic credit: Out For Vacation!

Most of the beach in Lombok has similar characteristic … Their shape is just like a letter ‘c’ if you see from the side, and so is the Senggigi beach. Actually in the past, at the end of the curve, if you look from above, it looks like the antenna of a snail, but you will not see it like the antenna again now. One of the antenna has been ruined probably because of the hard wave …

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - The remaining of the 'right antenna'

The remaining of the ‘right antenna’

Senggigi beach was actually one of the surfing site … Yes, it was! Now people prefers to surf in other beach like Grupuk beach rather than in Senggigi, although I still can see a surfing course in Senggigi beach area. This probably because the wave was not that  enticing to the surfer … ? We saw this surf monument in the ‘antenna’ area, probably to remind people of the time when Senggigi was famous as one of the surfing site?
Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Surfing monument

Walking along the beach, beside enjoying the scenery of the beach and the sea, I could also observe many things, like people fishing near the ‘antenna’ area, a girl just sitting on the beach and playing her iPad, people playing with their dogs, people sitting on a banana boat and being pulled to the sea, and so on. We didn’t realize that we’ve walked so far from Senggigi Beach Hotel.

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach

Senggigi Beach

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Lombok dogs

Another interesting thing to visit in Senggigi beach is Pura Batu Bolong. It’s one of the Hindunese temples in Lombok. It was built on the rock, and the name of ‘Bolong’ is referring to the hole in a rock below the pura. The temple can also be accessed from the road, as it located beside the road. We didn’t enter the temple, as we wanted to see and enjoy the sunset 😉

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Pura Batu Bolong from afar

Pura Batu Bolong from afar

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Pura Batu Bolong

Pura Batu Bolong

After a long walk, the car picked us up at Pura Batu Bolong, and then we went to a sunset spot in Batu Layar area, which is not far from Batu Bolong. Some people already in that area. They’re enjoying the sunset while eating coconut 😉 The view was great, where we’re not only see the sunset, but also the Senggigi beach too …

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Sunset at Batu Layar

Enjoying sunset from Batu Layar

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Sunset at Batu Layar (1)

Lombok trip - Senggigi beach - Gunung Agung (Sunset at Batu Layar)

Mount Agung appears after the sunset

Mixed Up Already

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  • wiranurmansyah

    Senggigi is a great place..but not on weekend, it’s too crowded. I have a photo series there too, have a look 🙂

    • timothywpawiro

      Ouh was it? Didn’t go there in the weekend ;o))

      Btw, u hv a nice collection of photos there 🙂
      Nice blog too …! 😀

  • cityoftheweek

    aaaahhh, the beach! you’re killing meeee :D. it’s minus 10 here, with snow up until my knees, and I come here, and I see this post…keep daydreaming! 😀

    • timothywpawiro

      The beach in the south lombok is also pretty, and it’s quite hot there :P.

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