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Eat, Drink, and Enjoy: Gili Trawangan


In our 2 nights stay in Gili Trawangan (or some just said it as Gili T), we tried some restaurants/cafes just for a drink or dining in or even just to watch a band. There are a lot of eating places in Gili Trawangan and usually in some of the resorts, their restaurant is open for public too.

Eating places in Gili Trawangan

The Terminal Bar & Restaurant


View from the second floor

This is our first eating & drinking place that we tried outside the hotel which is located near the port and in front of Gili Trawangan Resort.

Terminal is an open-air bar & restaurant, and it has 2 floors. Of course we went upstairs just to get a great view 🙂

We only had a dessert here, as we just had our lunch in the hotel; so we ordered a banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream.

FYI, ice cream was my favourite friend during my stay in Gili Trawangan, because it will always taste nice in a very hot day! 🙂

Website of Terminal Bar & Restaurant:


Banana split at The Terminal Bar & Restaurant

Night Market

If you are missing the regular food food but with good price and taste, you can go to the night market, which is near the port, and happens every night.

You can find plenty of food in the night market, from chicken noodle, chicken satay, and warteg (warung tegal) food here.


Night Market at the Gili Trawangan


Sinthya is thinking hard of what to eat ;o))) – at the Night Market, Gili Trawangan

We always had our dinner in this night market during our 2 nights stay in Gili Trawangan, and we were actually surprised that there were a lot of foreigners that eating here too.

One of our first night, we ate the yummy warteg food, and the second night I ate  a chicken noodle, while Sinthya had chicken satay.


Kue kelepon on the right at the Night Market


Another view of the night market


Foreigners love this night market too!

You can also find some nice traditional cakes in the night market, such as kue kelepon, doughnut, brownies, and many more … I think people really like Kue kelepon as it was sold out in my first night there (managed to buy it on the second night though!).

Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Grill

As Gili means little island, then there are a lot of eating places in Gili Trawangan that provide seafood. You can find it anywhere, including this one, Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Grill. Although we only had a drink here, but the food looks enticing! Probably I will try to dining in here in my next visit!


The organic seafood at Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Grill


Enjoying the beer at Scallywags

The place was quite crowded in the evening, so probably you want to come early to get a seat 🙂

Website of Scallywags:

Vila Ombak

No we didn’t eat and drink here, but we just watched the live band here 😀

We just watched them playing, while we’re seating at the side of the road beside its Sidewalk Cafe. There are actually some live band performs (probably every night).


Live band at Vila Ombak


Sidewalk Cafe of Vila Ombak in the afternoon

The Sidewalk Cafe at Vila Ombak is an open-air restaurant, and from what we saw, they provide a buffet menu.

Website of Vila Ombak:

ko-ko-mo resort

We had our lunch on our second day at ko-ko-mo. It was easy to get a table here when we visiting here, as it’s already around 3:30PM haha …


Hello, table number #22!

I can’t recall what I was having here, but something like beef burger, and it’s nice plus a crème brûlée for the dessert.


Beef burger in ko-ko-mo


Crème brûlée at ko-ko-mo resort

There are actually 3 area of dining: beside their resort, means not near the beach; on the beach with the canopy, and one without the canopy (so it’s really an open-air, which is going to be great during dinner time not lunch under the sun ;)).


Dining beside the beach at ko-ko-mo

To download their menu, please go here. (I can’t find the name of my food here … ;o))) ).


The Beach House Dining

Well, this was our last restaurant during our stay in Gili Trawangan. We went here on the second night, just to chill and enjoy the ambiance while having a Tiramisu. The Beach House Dining is actually a really good place to have dinner, and the ambiance is similar to Scallwags, and both serves seafood too 🙂


The Beach House Dining


Tiramisu at The Beach House

Website of The Beach House Dining:

Queen’s Coffee House

I found this place when I did my cycle around the island of Gili Trawangan. This place was my stop after a very exhausting cycle haha, and since then, this place becomes my favourite place to just relax and enjoy.


The Coffee House of Queen’s Villas

At that time, I was just stopped and ordered some cold drinks. Then I had some conversation with the staff regarding the sunset point. He said that, many people will come to this place during sunset time. Unfortunately, sunset was still a long way to go, and I had to leave this lovely place. Love this place, and love the staff! The staff is so friendly!


The Queen’s Coffee House

Recently I went back here again to ehm … work a little bit. Really love this place! It’s far from the noise, and not many people passed this area, so I just could concentrate on what I was doing. Other thing that I like about this place is the Wi-Fi … Wi-Fi everywhere on the coffee house haha. Well, I have other things that I like. Again … It’s the staff. They are so friendly (again). Love them! (again).

This time,  I could catch the sunset! But … Unfortunately, the cloud was blocking it!!!!! Lol …


Enjoy the sunset from here … or …


Enjoying the sunset from here 😉

Mixed Up Already

The things that I love are movies, music, and travel. I have an extended family in the movies world, called MoviegoersID, and we love to hang out and watch the movie together. How about music? Well, do you know The Corrs? Yep, they are a very talented family/musician that I deeply love since high school! If you love them, then we might get a long well ;-) . My love to music then grow to Sugarland, Christina Aguilera, The Script, and of course the one and only Anggun. Travel is the love that grows in me very late. At around 2011, I fell in love with travelling, and I tried my best to travel each month since that time. You can contact me at .




  • cityoftheweek

    now, your “torture” has become worse. Man, that food looks awesome 😀

    • timothywpawiro

      Hahaa yes true, and the sea food looks good too *oops* ;))))

  • Cumi MzToro

    selalu ada keriangan di trawangan ……… jadi kangen kesana lagi

  • pursuingmydream

    Saya pernah ke Gili Nanggu, kalau ke Trawangan belum pernah, sepertinya Gili Trawangan lebih terkenal ya. Kalau ada kesmepatan mau kesana :).

    • timothywpawiro

      Gili Nanggu sptnya bagus ya?
      Kemaren ga sempat ke sana …

      Kl Gili Trawangan memang katanya ‘party island’ haha, kl suka tempat yang agak ramai boleh dicoba, walaupun hanya satu sisi dr Gili T saja yang bisa dibilang ramai 🙂

      • pursuingmydream

        Gili Nanggu tempatnya bagus. Tp ko saya malah seram kalau mengginap di cottagenya karena sepi trus pas di depan lautan, kalau ada perampokan bgm hehehe pikiran spt di film kriminal :D.
        Gili Trawangan memang terkenal di kalangan wisatawan, sayang ketika itusaya tdk smepat berkunjung.

        • timothywpawiro

          Wew gitu yakk …
          Emang sieh kl pun nanti ke Lombok lagi, palingan Gili Nanggu day trip aja … 😛

  • Marcos C.

    All this food looks so good, specially the desserts!

  • Fascha

    Belom pernah ke Gili T, sepertinya rame sekali yah, kulinernya juga lumayan beragam nih disini… want to visit here next time

    • timothywpawiro

      Iya udah rame kok … Tp di bagian yg deket dermaga aja, tp kalau udah muter ke sisi lain pulaunya masih sepi … Jadi kl di Gili T, bs dpt 2 suasana 🙂

      • Fascha

        ooh masih ada tempat yang sepi yah? Tapi kalo malem2 kira2 kedengeran gak yah yg jedag jedug itu ?

        • timothywpawiro

          Hmm … Nah ini tergantung lokasinya kok … Dulu pernah nginep di sisi kanan dermaga sanaan lagi … Di sini udah ga rame kl malem.

          Biasanya yg rame tuh daerah sekitar dermaga, n pasar malem 🙂

  • Badai

    ah, night market is my fave spot too.. kadang lebih seru mengamati tingkah laku orang-orangnya, hahaha

    • timothywp

      Lebih seru lagi kl mengamati dari atas *eitsss* hahaha 😉

  • noerazhka

    salam kenal, Kak Timothy .. 🙂

    postingan ini aku bookmark, penting banget buat bekal liburan tengah tahun nanti, mo nengokin Gili Trawangan soalnya, hehehe, tengkyu ..

    @noerazhka |

    • timothywp

      Hahaiii kakaaakk Noerazhka … Salam kenal juga.

      Jgn lupa ajak2 ya kakkk kl ke sanaa :3 haha!


  • Michael Toa

    Hi Timothy! Hope you are well. Just discovered your blog and it’s a very good read. I’ll be travelling to the Gili islands in a couple of weeks and this post will come in handy. So, thank you.

    • timothywp

      Hi Michael!
      I’m doing well, thanks! Hope you too!
      Glad you like the post … My favourite escape is at Queen’s Coffee House, you should go there and enjoy the sunset! 🙂

      I think you will love Gili Trawangan, Mike!
      Have fun!! 🙂

      • Michael Toa

        Thank you. I’m sure I will. So looking forward to this trip. Only a couple of sleeps away and I’m ready to start my adventure!

        • timothywp

          Have fun! 😉

  • rico mustafa

    Thanks timothy postinganya bagus, gambarnya juga banyak jadi pengen kesana,haha.. tapi denger-denger harus ngeluarin duit banyak kalo kesana, ya nabung dulu lah,haha


    • timothywp

      Thank you Rico …

      Iya bener banget, dicicil aja nabung tiap bulan kl mau travelling, jd pas di sananya, ga takut2 mikirin pengeluaran 😉

  • wooclipmovie

    Thanks for sharing your adventures in gili trawangan! Nice narration and pictures!

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