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Eat, Drink, and Enjoy: Senggigi – Lombok


Dining area at Cafe Alberto in Senggigi (Lombok – Indonesia)

Usually, when I travel somewhere and tried the food there, I took pictures of the food. Although it’s a common food, I still tried to take pictures of it. Lol.

So during my last trip to Lombok, we planned to eat and try as many restaurants as possible and as we could!

With that, I have some pictures of the food and the restaurants. Rather than keeping the pictures to myself, so I shared it here, and I tried to give a little bit of opinions of the restaurants (not just the food). Remember, I’m not a food critique … 😉

In that trip, we intentionally stayed in Senggigi, because well … it’s quite famous in Lombok island, and there are many cafe in Senggigi.

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All of these restaurants are a walking distance from Mascot Beach Hotel Lombok, the place that I stayed in Senggigi.

Cafe in Senggigi

Cafe Alberto

Price of the main dish: IDR50,000 – 150,000
Opening hours: 09:00 – 24:000


The entrance of Cafe Alberto in Senggigi (Lombok – Indonesia)

You will always pass this Cafe Alberto on your way to Senggigi area or to Bangsal port.

The cafe is located in front of the Senggigi beach.

Besides restaurant, Cafe Alberto is actually also catered a Bed & Breakfast, and the have a swimming pool too!


Relaxing at the pool of Cafe Alberto

During our visit here, we ordered Ravioli al caffè and Tagliatelle al Ragu plus the Onion Rings. The main dishes were quite okay, not the best, but still okay; but what we loved was actually the onion rings. We ordered 2 portions of onion rings!


Tagliatelle al Ragu at Cafe Alberto


Onion Rings at Cafe Alberto


Ravioli al caffè at Cafe Alberto

The place itself was quite nice, probably it would be better during the evening time, as they also place the tables and chairs on the beach. Probably this is gonna be your place for romantic dinner on the beach? 😉


Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar

If you see German and Indonesian flag in one of the restaurants in Jalan Raya Senggigi, then you have reached Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar. This restaurant is owned and run by a German family.


Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar at Senggigi (Lombok – Indonesia)

At first, we actually wanted to go to other place where there were many visitors in that restaurant; but then we spontaneously turned and entered Grand Corner! Haha …

When we entered the restaurant, there’s only a few tables that were occupied, but then there were many visitors coming in. So if one of your parameters  (including myself! :D) in choosing restaurants is to see whether there are many people eating there; well I will tick that box for Grand Corner 😉


Pelecing Kangkung at Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar


Sate Pusut at Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar

We ordered a lot of food in this restaurant … We ordered Jondori fish, ayam taliwang, sate pusut, and pelecing kangkung plus ice cream mocco locco for the dessert! It’s a lot! Lol.

My food was Jondori fish, and it’s good! My favourite in the dish was the potatoes and the sauce! But when I tried ayam taliwang, the taste was just took over the fish. The ayam taliwang was sooooooo delicious! Probably the best ayam taliwang that I ever had!


Jondori Fish at Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar


Ayam Taliwang at Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar


Ice cream Mocco Locco at Grand Corner Restaurant & Bar

There were some guests that told us that their King Prawn was superb too! Wanna try? 😉


Happy Cafe Senggigi

If you stay in Senggigi, you will see some cafes or restaurants that have live music, including Happy Cafe Senggigi.


Happy Cafe at Senggigi (Lombok – Indonesia)

So actually we’re on our way back to the hotel, but apparently we still didn’t want to go back to the hotel … 😐

Then we passed this cafe that has live music, which is located in Plaza Senggigi

What attracted us to this cafe was of course … the live music!

It’s not just an ordinary cafe band … It’s a real band, with a great vocalist!


Ary Juliant & The Band performed at Happy Cafe Senggigi, Lombok

It was Thursday night, and the band was Ary Juliant & The band.

We just went in to Happy cafe, enjoy our cold beers, and listen to the band.

I recorded their performance, but unfortunately the quality of the video was not that good … Just don’t maximize the screen, then it will be okay 😀

Cafe Tenda Cak Poer

How come we ended up eating here?


The menu at Cafe Tenda Cak Poer

Well, again … We didn’t plan to eat here, and again we actually already walked pass this Cafe Tenda Cak Poer to check some other restaurants that were quite far from it … But we change our mind, and returned to eat here.

Big mistake to return? NO!

I was ordering bebek bakar (grilled duck) … and because it was sooo good, then I ordered another one, grilled fish! Still good! But I can’t order another one because I was too full haha … Don’t forget to try their sambal (chilli)! It was nice! Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy 😉

Sinthya ordered king prawn, which was also good, but too much sauce. Other than that, the king prawn was great!

I had a chance to chat with the cook, and just found out that they’re apparently from Surabaya.


Grilled fish at Cafe Tenda Cak Poer

About the location … What I can remember is the tent was located in Jalan Raya Senggigi and in the left side if you walk from Happy cafe. I think from Happy cafe, you just walk straight to Grand Corner direction, and probably the location is after The Santosa Villas & Resort.

Just to make sure, call them here >> +62818546727 / +62370692037.

It opens only for dinner from 6PM to 1AM.

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      Cobain deh ayam taliwangnya … *teteup* 😛

  • Sinthya

    Yang enak di cafe Alberto sih cuma onion ring nya, kita sampe nambah satu porsi. Btw Tomit jangan ambil ayam taliwang gw banyak2 ya, abis enak buangedddddd 😀

    • timothywpawiro

      Ishh … lu ga ngeliat, gw udah ngiler aja ngeliat ayam lu -___-

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