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Lombok and its traditional villages (Desa Sade & Sukarare)

Lombok trip - Soekarno Hatta Airport - Boarding timeA couple of months ago, I joined a competition held by , where the prize was a paid trip! For the first prize, the winner will go to Komodo Island; the second winner prize is a trip to Lombok island, and the third prize is a trip to Bali. And guess what, I won the second prize! Haha.

I still remember that I was in a meeting when I received a Direct Message from @Gonlacom that I won the second prize to Lombok. It’s difficult to hide the excitement during a serious meeting haha. You just couldn’t stop smiling! 😀

The Lombok trip was a 3D/2N trip, and everything has been arranged by and @jelajah_lombok, including some tour during my stay there.

The date that I chose was from 22 – 24 August 2012.

I could also bring along a friend to join me in this trip! Too bad Sinthya, my travel buddy, has a plan during those dates, so I invited my other friend, Agus to join me in this trip.

Lombok trip - On the plane - Gunung (Mount) Agung

Gunung (Mount) Agung from above

The itinerary of my trip would be like this:

–          22 August 2012 (afternoon): Visit Sukarare village, Spa treatment, and dinner on Senggigi beach

–          23 August 2012: Spend the whole day in Gili + Senggigi beach in Lombok

–          24 August 2012: Visit Sade village, and heading to Southern Lombok to see some beach.

I will divide my story into several parts … So here is my first story of visiting Lombok 🙂

The Indonesian people usually refer ‘lombok’ as ‘cabai’ or chili. But the name ‘lombok’ in Lombok island is not the same with chili, because it’s from Sasak language (Sasak is the original people of Lombok island). The exact translation is actually ‘lurus’ or straight, but the real meaning is honesty.

Lombok island is divided into four regions: North, West, East, and Central Lombok. It has many beautiful beaches, and surrounded by beautiful little islands. These little islands called ‘Gili’.

The location of the new airport (Bandara Internasional Lombok) is in Praya, which is in Central Lombok.

Lombok trip - Bandar Udara International Lombok

Lombok International Airport

So from the airport, we travelled to a traditional village (desa) in Lombok, called Desa Sukarare. This is one of the traditional villages of Sasak people, that produce woven fabric. The process can take weeks until 3 months, depending on what the size of the final product is. The interesting thing is the sound of the traditional tool that they use when they’re weaving the cloth, especially when one village is doing it, then it would be more interesting to hear … 
Lombok trip - Desa Sukarare - Cloth weaving (1)
Lombok trip - Desa Sukarare - Cloth weaving (2)


We only visited one house. There’s a souvenir shop inside the house. They displayed the result of their crafting, from the cloth, traditional hat, and also the fabric, if you want to design the cloth and make it by yourself.

The next traditional village that I visited was Desa Sade, which is also inhabited by Sasak people. We visited this village on our last day in Lombok. The location of the village is still in Central Lombok, but Desa Sade is located at the roadside of Praya highway. There’s a signage of ‘Welcome to Desa Sade’ across the street 🙂

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Welcome

Welcome signage to Desa Sade

Desa Sade is unique. All the houses are located in one complex. You will not see them building a new house inside the complex. If they want to build a new house, they should build it outside the complex.

During our visit here, we were accompanied with a local person. The person that accompanied us here is called ZEN (well not sure whether it’s right or not, but the sound like ZEN :D). At the entrance, there are 2 meeting halls on the left. Those are called ‘Berugak’. One has 6 pillars, so it is called ‘Berugak Sekenam’ (enam from sekenam is from Bahasa for ‘six’), while the other has 4 pillars, which is ‘Berugak Sekempat’ (empat is ‘four).

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Berugak Sekenam

Berugak Sekenam

Along the tour, we passed several local people who sell souvenirs, such as key chain, necklace, bracelet, and also traditional cloth. It is okay to bargain, so name your price 🙂
Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The souvenir shop (1)
Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The souvenir shop

The main livelihood for the men in here is farming (that’s why they have a granary inside the village), while the women is weaving the cloth to support the husband.

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Cotton spinning

An old lady is spinning the cotton …

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Cloth Weaving

I really like the shape of the houses. The roof and everything … They made the entrance of the house low, in order for the guest to bow down when entering the house. This is like a gesture in honouring the host. Each of the houses has 2 floors, where the second floor is usually for kitchen area. If the family has a daughter, the daughter will also lives in the second floor.

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The house

The traditional house of Sasak people

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Inside the house

Inside the house

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The kitchen inside the house

The kitchen in the second floor of the house

Then in the middle of the tour, Zen showed us the oldest house in this village, which is apparently owned by Zen’s late-grandfather. Now Zen’s brother lives there.

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The oldest house in the village

The oldest house in the village

The tour around the village was fun, and I found some interesting facts about the village:

–          The people in this village are all related. If I’m not mistaken, the total of the family head is 15 people. Yes, they all are a one big family, so the child from family A marries a child from family B. As they can’t build a new house in this complex, sometimes when the parent died, the eldest kid will occupy the parent’s house.

–          The roof of the house is a grass thatch roof. It can last until 7 – 10 years depends on the technique of the thatching
Lombok trip - Desa Sade - Thatch for the roof

–          They cover the floor with buffalo dropping to strengthen the floor. They mop the floor that has been covered regularly until the green colour is gone 😛 (if you look closer, you still can see something like a fiber in it lol)

–          They have their own granary, and the unique thing is at the base of granary, they put round wood on the top of the pillar. The purpose of this is to prevent rat climbing up to the granary 😛

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The granary

The granary

Lombok trip - Desa Sade - The granary - The round wood at the base of granary

The round wood on the base of the granary

In my next post, probably I’m going to share about my trip to one of the Gili islands 🙂

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