Cycling around the Gili T

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 008 - Sandy road (2012)

(2012) It was hard to bike on this kind of road … Perhaps this year, it has been covered with con-block?

Have you ever cycled around Gili Trawangan (Gili T)?

Well I did that last year, but haven’t got a chance to put the pictures here. And end of May 2013, I visited Gili T, and of course, there are quite a few of new cafes,  hotels, and so on … May be some of the hotels that were still in construction last year; have finished the construction this year.

My friend told me that in his recent visit there, the road was much better. I mean, compared to my visit last year, some of the road at the back side of the island was didn’t exist. I needed to dismount from the bicycle as the way was still covered with sand, and it’s really hard to cycle on a sand road haha! And this year … Some of the road has been covered with con-block, so it’s easier to bike.

I started my bike from near the place that I stayed last year, Laguna Gili, to the ‘right-side’ of the island. When I said the ‘right-side’ means the right-side of the jetty 🙂

Here are the mix of photos, mostly from my last year visit in 2012, with my recent visit in 2013. Most of the photos I took because I like the design of a hotel/cafe. Although there were some hotels at the other side of the islands, but it was only a few. Perhaps the number of hotels at that side are increasing now?

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 001 - The fisherman

The fisherman in Gili Trawangan

(2013) I took this photo during my recent visit. The wave was quite strong during the day, and I happened to see (probably) a fisherman just arrived from the sea. I always love Gili T, as I can always see a beautiful scenery of Lombok in front of me 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 002 - North Bar

The North Bar cafe in Gi Trawangan, Lombok

(2012) This NorthBar looks nice, but didn’t stop here to try a drink or else. Well, I’m still in the beginning of my ‘journey’ lol!

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 003 - State Electricity company

This is where all the electricity comes from in Gili Trawangan? 🙂

(2012) This must be where all the electricity comes from in Gili T 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 004 - The beach near Villa Kokita and Coral Beach cafe (2012)

The beach near Villa Kokita and Coral beach cafe in 2012

Did you visit this area just recently? Did you see the different?

Too bad I didn’t remember to take photo of the current situation, I even didn’t remember that the situation is different until I look at these photos again. 

The beach in this area is ‘gone’ because of the abrasion. The surface of the land near Villa Kokita is higher than the surface at Coral Beach area. I remembered this as I needed to lift my bike and stepped down. I also remembered having lunch on the hut on the right of Coral Beach.  As far as I remembered, there was no sand there, only stones.

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 006 - One of the diving sites

Hmm .. one of the diving sites

(2012) One of the diving sites near Gili T. It’s said that in zone D, it’s not allowed to unload the passengers or even drop the anchor; as it’s for diving, snorkeling, fishing using a canoe and net, and seaweed planting.

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 007 - Accommodation with Balinese touch

Missing Bali? Well, there’s an accommodation with Balinese touch 😉

(2012) Missing Bali already? Well, there’s an accommodation with Balinese touch in Gili T too 🙂

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 009 - There's a ship on a land

Wow, there’s a ship on a land :o)) | Perhaps they have finished constructed it now?

(2012) Someone was building a ship on Gili T! Whoa … I believe that’s for a restaurant? Not sure … But I think they have finished building the ship by now. Post it in comment if you know the update 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 010 - Nice ornament

Nice ornament 😉

(2012) I took this photo because I like that tree ornament n front of the … was that a cafe, or it hasn’t opened yet? 

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 011 - Message in a bottle (2012)

Message in a bottle?

(2012) Were those scroll of papers inside the bottle? Hmm … why I remember ‘Message in a bottle’ song … Lol.

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 013 - The cows are resting under the shades

Even the cows prefer to rest under the shade 😉

(2012) My friend and I did have a plan to cycle around the island after we arrived in Gili T, but what we didn’t calculate was the sun effect during the day haha.

We started this around 10AM, and have a regular plan to have lunch afterwards … It was a happy start, but after we encountered the heat and the sandy road, we was sooo exhausted to smile (lol kidding haha). 

We did have a lunch afterwards, then we went back to the hotel and dropped our body to the bed … It was really exhausting! Haha. Looked at the photo, even the cows preferred to rest under the shade. Haha!

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 014 - The lighthouse

The lighthouse!

Guess that was a lighthouse? Didn’t match with my imagination of a lighthouse. A lighthouse in my mind was just like in the movies. A very nice and tall building! But … The most important thing is the function of the lighthouse 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 015 - The Queen Villas

The Queen villas has a restaurant in front of it, which I really like!

(2012) Well, this was my stopped. I stopped here to have a cold drink, and took a time off for a moment haha! I saw this hotel when I browsed an accommodation in Gili T. If you prefer a crowded place, yes this is not the right place. This place is a quiet place, and I grateful I found this place, as I visited this place again last May, just to chill and enjoy the quietness in the restaurant in front of the hotel 😉

I will definitely visit here again in my next visit to Gili T! Recommended! (I will update my blog post Eat, Drink, and Enjoy: Gili Trawangan).

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - 016 - Villa Ombak

Villa Ombak …

(2012) Villa Ombak was located quite near to Queen Villas. It’s really a big hotel, guess it’s suitable for family. They have set a volleyball net on the beach in front of it. Quite nice … !

Well, that is all … So tell me about your experience in cycling around Gili T.

I met a friend from Germany who cycled around the island in just 1 hour … Lol.

And if you like this blog post, please share it 🙂

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