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In this post, I want to introduce and share about some blog.

First is my travel buddy (Sinthya)’s blog, and the second one is my other blog …

Life is a gift, love it! - Traditional Market in Obano, Papua

Traditional Market in Obano, Papua

Perhaps some of you already know who is Sinthya …

Well, Sinthya is my travel buddy. I have travelled with her in some of my trips, and for now only to domestic route (Indonesia). In the future, we agree to visit other places outside Indonesia. So far, we’ve travelled to Bali, Solo (Surakarta), Jogja, and our recent trip to Lombok. There’s one more trip that we’ve done together with other friends too to Sawarna … which I haven’t made the post until now ;o))) …

Anyway … She’s actually a Medical Doctor, and I’ve also had shared briefly about her in my post about hypoglycemia in the past.

She’s very lucky to have an experience to live and practice in Papua for 1 year in 2010 to 2011.

So similar with my reason why I started this blog (where I don’t want to let go/forget my travel experience), she has the same reason when she starts her blog. She has told me about making a blog for quite some time, but she kept delaying and delaying until now.

Her experience living in Papua is special … Even I am proud of her (and a little bit of envy haha!) that she can live in such a beautiful area in Papua!

And without further ado, here is Sinthya’s blog: Live is a gift, Love it !

Life is a gift, love it! - Sinthya with a Papuan kid in Paniai lake, Papua

Sinthya with a Papuan kid in Paniai Lake, Papua

[Update: I have merged The Place That I Stay blog with this blog … So check it out: Place That I Stay]

The Place That I Stay - Novotel Lombok - The room

The room in Novotel Lombok

And the second blog that I want to share (or perhaps re-introduce haha!), is my other blog about my hotel experience.

The idea started after I finished blogging about my stay in Hotel Lisboa, Macau. Then I realized, why don’t I start a new blog about my hotel experience. I usually like to take pictures of the place that I stay, from the room, bathroom, and the surrounding. So that’s why I started this blog.

So here’s my other blog about hotel experience: The Place That I Stay .

The Place That I Stay - Mascot Beach Hotel (Senggigi, Lombok)

Mascot Beach Hotel in Senggigi, Lombok



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