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One Day Trip to Banten Lama …

Banten Lama Trip - Benteng Spellwijk - The wall made of coral

Banten Lama trip was a one day trip. I went there with my friends: Adhie, Lidya, and Erick …

How did we know Banten Lama? We knew this actually from an event called The Real WOW Concert, where they distributed a catalogue consists of 50 places in Indonesia, including Banten Lama. As it’s the nearest place compare to other places in the list (we live in Jakarta), so we chose this one! 🙂

We decided to go there on Sunday 25 December 2011.

So, what’s inside Banten Lama?

You will find the ruins of the old fortress, but there’s also a museum, and a vihara (buddhist monastery) … 🙂

Banten Lama Trip - Street sign to Banten Lama

We started from Bintaro around 9:15AM, then we went through the Serang free-way, and exited in Serang Timur (East Serang).

You will find the direction to Banten Lama, so no need to worry on finding the place 😉

Our first destination was Benteng Surosowan (Benteng = Fortress).

The location was quite near the parking lot, but we’re a bit confuse with the direction (yes we could see the fortress, but how to enter there? :P). There’re two ways, one to market place area, and the other was a way beside the fortress wall. So we decided to go to the latter, and yes, we found a gate not far from there.

The fortress was quite big (it’s a square), and the wall was still intact. Actually there’re two gates, but they close the other gate.
Banten Lama Trip - Benteng SurosowanWe took pictures here and there and guessing, what kind of ruins was that?

We saw a pool too, or was it a pool, and full of water (and the water colour was green :P).

Next place was the Museum Kepurbakalaan Banten Lama (Archaeological Museum of Ancient City of Banten).
Banten Lama Trip - Museum Kepurbakalaan Banten Lama
We needed to register first at the locket, and the entrance fee was only IDR1,000/person.

Banten Lama Trip - Museum Kepurbakalaan Banten Lama - Antique VaseIn the museum, I saw the old urban planning of Banten Lama, some antique vases, an inscription, some paintings. There’s also a room where they put the printing machine, to print money, magazines, and newspaper. They also displayed the pictures of the money at that time.

It’s a small museum, so we finished exploring the museum quite fast.

Went on to the next spot was Benteng Spellwijk (from the name, it sounds like a Dutch name :)).

It’s not located nearby the complex … So we walked from the museum, and asked the people in the market on how to go there.

And then we walked again … We walked passed a railway … but no fortress on sight … So we thought we needed to ask again 😀

Banten Lama Trip - Angkot

Luckily there’s an angkot driver in the location, so we asked him about the location. He said it’s quite far, and he offered to drive us there. The fee was IDR1,000/person, so why not!! 🙂

And yes, the location was quite far haha … 😀

Apparently ‘Benteng Spellwijk’ is located in front of Vihara Avalokitesvara, which was our next destination. Nice!

Banten Lama Trip - Benteng Spellwijk

Photo Credit: Lidya

I could see that Benteng Spellwijk is surrounded by river, and Adhie said that not far from the fortress, we could find the ocean.

Aah yes, I could see the ocean, but it’s quite far from there 🙂

When we entered ‘Benteng Spellwijk,’ we met Pak Samhuddin, the caretaker of the fortress. He told us that the river was actually quite big in the past, so it’s a way for a ship to reach the fortress from the ocean. Ooh, I see then … 🙂

He also brought us to a room in the front compound of the fortress. To get into the room, we needed to walk in an alley, which was quite dark, but luckily there’s an opening in one area of the ceiling in the alley, so the sunlight could enter the alley. He then said that many people used this area for photo shooting too … 🙂
Banten Lama Trip - Benteng Spellwijk - Outside The FortressPak Samhuddin also added that the people used ‘Benteng Spellwijk’ for a football match. The area of the fortress is quite big for the football game.

Finished exploring ‘Benteng Spellwijk,’ we moved on to ‘Vihara Avalokitesvara.
Banten Lama Trip - Vihara AvalokitesvaraBanten Lama Trip - Vihara Avalokitesvara - Praying AreaFrom the outside, we could see that the building was under construction, but when I took a peek (lol), I saw that there’s another area beside this main building. So we entered the area on the right side of the main building, passed the praying area, and went outside.

And we found a park …

We quite surprise that the area was quite big.

And have I told you that it was a very hot day?

It was different with in the park … It’s breezy … It seemed that we wanted to stay longer there haha.Banten Lama Trip - Vihara Avalokitesvara - Park

There’s one site left for this trip. We actually already passed this site on our way to Banten Lama location.

So to go back to the parking space, we needed an angkot, but it seemed we couldn’t find any 🙁 . We asked the people there, they said that there’s actually an angkot, but the route of the angkot was not to Banten Lama, but to Serang.

Walking to the parking space was quite far, so we had an idea to hitchhike! Haha. It’s the first time for me to hitchhike! 😀 We asked first whether they’re going to a mosque near Benteng Surosowan or not. I think he said that he didn’t know about Surosowan but yes, he would pass a mosque on his way.

That’s great! We didn’t need to walk …

But then we felt that we travelled much further than before? Were we heading to the same mosque? Lol! Hahaha …

Apparently we didn’t haha 😀

Oh my gosh, this was so funny! haha … 😀

Banten Lama Trip - Me riding an ojekLuckily, we stopped near the ‘ojek‘ base (ojek = motorcycle taxi). So we asked the price to take us back to Benteng Surosowan and the price was IDR10,000/person. And we agreed with the price, and hooray, we’re heading back!! 😀

I felt that riding the ‘ojek’ at that time was fun! Lidya said perhaps because we passed some paddy fields on our way back, and the scenery was totally different with Jakarta. Yes … true … 🙂

Banten Lama Trip - Situs Istana Kerabon KaibonFinally we reached Benteng Surosowan and went straight to the parking space. Then it’s time for Situs Istana Keraton Kaibon (keraton = palace).

This palace was located beside a river, and it’s much better than the other. It’s a ruins, yes, but we could still see the shape of some parts of the fortress. The area of the Keraton Kaibon was quite big too …
Banten Lama Trip - Situs Istana Kerabon Kaibon
Banten Lama Trip - Situs Istana Kerabon Kaibon

Well, that’s the end of our one day trip to Banten Lama.

It was a really hot day that turned my face and arms skin darker haha …

But hey, it was a fun trip!

Banten Lama Trip - Us inside the angkot

Me, Adhie, Lidya, and Erick

For more pictures of this trip, please go to my Flickr Page.

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