Tasting the food at Bampot Kitchen & Bar – Phuket

When you stayed at Laguna Phuket, you will have variations of restaurants that come from your hotel and the restaurants located at other hotels. However, you could also go to the restaurants / café located on the road, just outside the Laguna area. Well, I did try some eating places outside the Laguna area, although there are not much options, and mostly the prices are above average. After looking around the restaurants at Lagoon Road – the road just outside the Laguna area, my friend and I decided to enter Bampot Kitchen & Bar for our dinner.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The bar

Bampot Kitchen & Bar (Phuket – Thailand)

The size of the restaurant is considered not that big, with an outdoor and indoor seating, we chose to just sit inside. There were already some group of people inside, and luckily it was not full at that evening, as we did not make any reservations beforehand.

The place is really nice with its industrial interior design, simple but looks good with wooden floor. We could see the bricks are exposed on one side of the walls. I also love the lighting, where they just hang the light bulb from the ceiling as the additional to the other modern style lighting.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot (02)

Inside of Bampot Kitchen & Bar (Phuket – Thailand)

Bampot has an open kitchen style, where we actually see the chef – Jamie Wakeford – and the cook, cook the food. You will see that they hang some of the unused cooking pans in the kitchen area above the table bar.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The chef - Jamie Wakeford (01)

Oops … The chef caught me taking picture of him! – at Bampot (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The chef - Jamie Wakeford (02)

Oh! The chef caught me twice!! – at Bampot (Phuket – Thailand)

They have many drinks on the menu, including drinks for the designated driver haha, but I prefer to eat than drink lol.

Anyway, I skipped the appetizer and went straight to the main course, and ordered … … Pork chop haha. This is like the Masterchef kitchen, although the name is simple – Pork Chop, but the arrangement and the cutting of the food is of course more interesting haha. Even the chef put the pork chop on top of the sweet corn 😉

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The food - Pork chop

The nicely taste pork chop of Bampot (Phuket – Thailand)

Even though from the cutting, the pork chop looks light, but apparently it’s quite dense and I really love the crunchy part and the fat that was juicy … yummm …

I did try one of its 3 desserts. I chose the Chocolate & Raspberry.

The chocolate & raspberry ice was not placed on a plate just like a usual dessert, but it was placed inside a crystal small bowl – which made me confuse on how to show it in the photo haha.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The dessert - Chocolate and Raspberry ice (01)

Can you see can you see the dessert?!?! – at Bampot (Phuket – Thailand)

This dessert has an interesting taste! The raspberry ice gives me sour taste, but the chocolate powder counter the sour taste – so I think it is best to eat the ice cream together with the powder lol.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The dessert - Chocolate and Raspberry ice (02)

Here it is the chocolate and raspberry ice cream for my dessert at Bampot (Phuket – Thailand)

Love to be back here again someday, to taste some of their food menu!

Bampot Kitchen & Bar

19/1 Moo 1, Lagoon Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang,
Phuket 83110
p: +66 93 586 9828
fb: https://www.facebook.com/Bampot.co/
w: http://bampot.co/

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Bampot - The drinks

The drinks at Bampot Kitchen & Bar (Phuket – Thailand)

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