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Bali Trip – Day #5 – 09.11.2011 …

This was the day, yuppe … The reason why we’re having a Bali trip at first place … The Jason Mraz concert!! 🙂

We didn’t want to exhaust ourselves that day, and Alex wanted to go the beach, so we just decided going to Kuta again. (Before, we reached Kuta at around midnite 🙂 ).

We just walked along the beach … Watching people surfed, a group of people paid attention to the surfer coach, one or two people jogged, some people sunbathed, and so on …

We took some pics … here and there.

For lunch we decided to have KFC 🙂

We ordered the family package ~ 5 chickens with 3 rice and drinks 🙂 …

Bram called me that he would give me the Jason Mraz coupon, but he couldn’t join us for lunch.

About the coupon … When we bought the concert ticket, we didn’t get the original ticket, but instead we got the coupon (proof of purchase). Then we could exchange the coupon with the original ticket on the venue, or sometimes H-1. For Jason Mraz concert, we exchanged on the venue … 🙂

Back to the hotel, prepared for the concert, and order a cab 🙂

The venue is called Taman Bhagawan (Taman is ‘Garden’), which is located at Tanjong Benoa, Nusa Dua. The place is big, and beautiful. Inside, there are some venues, and for this concert, it’s in Rama Shinta Lawn.

It’s an outdoor concert …

No seats …

It’s a standing concert …

The concert title is ‘Special Acoustic Evening with Toca Rivera.’

Why special acoustic? That’s because it would be an acoustic performance, and only two of them on the stage. Toca Rivera plays Djembe.

Bali is one of the destination at this series. So we’re lucky to be part of this series 🙂

When we arrived at the location, the place is already crowded. There’s a band performing outside of the concert venue. There’s a snack and drink booth, and there’s a big banner of Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera at one side where we could take picture there.

The gate still closed, so we just queued up …

There were 3 classes in the concert venue: VIP, Premium, and Regular. All of us bought the regular ones 🙂

Entering the venue, there’s a security check first.

When I first saw the place, I am quite surprise that the place is really big. Especially the Regular one which was at the back. That part is quite big, because there’s a sculpture of Rama Shinta at the very back, and there’s a garden fountains too :). Behind the stage is the sea! I think the view is much better in daylight.

The concert started after 8PM.

To be honest, I only familiar with few songs …

I could remember he sang these songs:

– Remedy
– You and I Both
– Make It Mine
– I’m Yours
– Lucky
– Butterfly
– Love for a Child
– If It Kills Me

I never watched his concert live before, and didn’t realize that he has a strong vocal 🙂

Well anyway, I guess he sang more than 15 songs at that night … The concert ended around 10:15PM.

It’s a perfect night … Too bad it’s ended … 🙂

There’s something interesting in the concert …

There’s a girl from US, who is a student, who brought a hula hoop, and a cardboard. I forgot what she wrote in the
cardboard, but something like: ‘I’m a hula hoop girl from US. Please take me with you.’ 🙂

Then … it’s time to go home …

Actually Sinthya suggested to go back before the concert ended, but I insisted to stay until the end of the concert …

So .. as we expected … A lot of people also went back … It’s jammed … and only a few cabs, which were already occupied 🙁

We walked a bit further from the place, hoping to get a cab … but none empty cabs 🙁

We’re hungry, so we just entered a Café to have late dinner there …

And then we went back straight to the hotel … 🙂

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