Bali trip – Day #1 – 05.11.2011 …

Hey hey hey …

I haven’t posted anything in this blog, because I went to Bali for some days.

My plan for this Bali Trip was actually to watch Jason Mraz concert on Wednesday, 9 November 2011; but then I made a plan to go there from Saturday, 5 November 2011 so I have some time to explore Bali 🙂

Explore Bali? Yes, that’s right. I usually only went to some famous places like Kuta, or Tanah Lot …, so I want to go somewhere else.

Bali Trip - Nusa Dua - ASEAN Fair 2011The plan was actually to go alone, but when I shared my plan with my best friend, Sinthya, she then decided to join me (well she hesitated at first, lol). Then she told another best friend of us, Alex, which then of course angry with us as why nobody told him about the trip lol :D.

Sinthya came on Sunday, and Alex came on Monday. I arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport at 1:25PM. My friend, Bram, picked me up at the airport. The airport is having a major upgrade, hopefully it will finish soon. Can’t wait to see the new airport 🙂

Bali Trip - Nusa Dua - ASEAN Fair - hello aseanFor the first day, I decided to stay at Bram’s place, but I didn’t go straight to his place, but we went to Nusa Dua first. There’s an ‘ASEAN FAIR 2011’ at Westin, Nusa Dua. There were many things to see in this fair.

We tried ‘ear candling’ there at Bali Tangi booth. This was the first time we did it
haha. Bram said that it will make the ear canal clean, and make your headache gone, and so on. So I laid down on our side, while the staff put the ear candle (the shape in one side of the candle is like cone), and then the staff burnt the other side of the candle. While the candle is burning, the staff massaged me, mostly my neck and shoulder. Love the massage. lol 😀

Indonesia - Bali - Ear candling

Bram is having an ear candling 😀

After the ear candling, I remembered that my aunty asked me to buy Balinese scrub with Green Tea scent. Well I am in the right booth haha! There are plenty of scent: green tea, coffee, frangipani, etc.

I bought some scrub for my aunty. She requested to buy ‘LULUR BALI with Green Tea scent’ (Balinese scrub with Green Tea scent) haha. So that was the right time to buy it.

In that fair, there are also some booths that sold traditional food & herbal: pia bali, beras kencur, coffee luwak, and many more. Bram bought some herbal drink (I think he bought ginseng ginger …).

Near the venue, there’s a place called ‘Water Blow‘. They made like a bridge The rock is actually will be hit by the wave, and if the wave is really strong, then the wave will splash high enough that will make you wet 😀 . The wave was not strong at that time, so I could take picture more freely 🙂 .

Indonesia - Bali - Nusa Dua - Waterblow

Waterblow area in Nusa Dua, Bali – Indonesia

Indonesia - Bali - Nusa Dua - Waterblow (1)

Waterblow in Nusa Dua, Bali (Indonesia) area

After that, Bram said that he has a plan to do BBQ with his friends, so he asked me to join (of course! haha). So we went to his place first to put the my luggage and take shower. We did the BBQ at one of Bram’s friend, Yani. Btw, Bram prepared all the meat that night, including the sauce! Haha, forgot that he’s a good cook. Do you know that we used hair-dryer to heat up the coal? Yes we did 😀

Bali Trip - BBQ with friendsApparently they’re planning to go clubbing that night. They have two alternatives,one is Hu’u and the other one is Sky Garden. Hu’u bar had an event that night, and it needed an invitation to enter, so we decided going to Sky Garden located in Legian. It has several floors, indoor and outdoor. It has trance and hip-hop music in different floor, so you can choose which one do you like. All with single entrance fee (IDR50,000 – including first drink).

Well this is the last place that I visited that day 🙂

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For more pictures of my Bali Trip, please go to my Flickr Page.


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