Ancol trip

An Ancol trip?

Yeap, that’s right?

I think, the last time I visited Ancol when I was a kid, which was many many years ago 😀

I went to Ancol, with my best buddy, Sinthya. She’s the one who asked me to go with her to Ancol together because she saw a discount coupon in the internet where the entrance ticket was only IDR50,000 from the original IDR100,000. She also said that, it seemed that Ancol would raise the entrance fee too. So I said, ‘Hey why not?!’

So we went there on 17 December 2011. I met her at Harmoni Central Busway (TransJakarta) in the morning, which then we continued the trip to Kota station. Arrived there we just walked to beside of the Kota train station where we had breakfast first.

Finished our breakfast, we then used the angkot to go to Gunung Sahari Mangga Ancol trip - The BuggyDua busway station. Ancol busway station was only 2 stops. The station was already inside Ancol complex. After paid the entrance fee for the complex, we went downstairs, and we saw a buggy! (We thought it’s free, but it’s not haha). So I just said to Sinthya, why not we used the buggy, so we could save our energy 😀

Ancol trip - The Schedule for the ShowIt turned out, from the Ancol busway station to the Gelanggang Samudra (Gelanggang: Arena, Samudra: Ocean) was quite far haha … So riding a buggy was worth it! 🙂

At the Gelanggang Samudra, we just handed the coupon at the ticketing counter. The coupon itself only applied to some shows inside the arena, which were only: Aneka Satwa (various animals show), Dolphin and Sea Lion show, 4D Cinema, and Scorpion Pirates show. They have various timing for the shows, so if you want to go to all the shows, you need to arrange the schedule, like we did 😀
Ancol trip - The Gate to Gelanggang Samudra

First show, we decided going to the 4D Cinema. There were actually 3 kind of videos Ancol trip - The shows in posterfor this 4D Cinema: Dora, Little Prince, and Turtle Vision. For our turn, we got the Turtle Vision. The studio was quite big, and comfy. After the introduction from the staff, then they played the video (using 3D glasses too!) I didn’t expect much with the show, but apparently it’s quite good! I like the 3D, but unfortunately in my seat, I didn’t get the splash of the water :(, but Sinthya got some! She laughed a couple of times when the water was sprayed to her face! So Ancol trip - The Theatre for The 4D Showevery time she laughed, I asked her ‘What, what happen’ and she just laughed because of the water … Great … I didn’t get the water part! 🙁 . But other than, the show was actually great! We didn’t go for the other video, which were Dora, and Little Prince, because we wanted to go to other shows. For your information, the Turtle Vision was using Bahasa Indonesia, not sure about the other videos 🙂

Next show was the Dolphin and Sea Lion show. I still remember that I went to this show when I was a kid haha, but I was still excited to watch it again! 🙂 .
Ancol trip - Dolphin & Sea Lion show

Ancol trip - Dolphin & Sea Lion show (1)

Photo Credit: Sinthya

At the beginning, it was the sea lion part. They played with the ball, catch the rings, did acrobatic stuffs, and did some counting too! 🙂

Next part was of course, the dolphin 🙂 . I always love dolphin. They are cute mammals! 🙂 Yes, it’s a mammal, not a fish 🙂 They did some regular attraction, jump to hit the ball, jump through a circle, played with a ring, and so on … Love them, they are cute!! 🙂

Ancol trip - Dolphin & Sea Lion show (2)
Ancol trip - Dolphin & Sea Lion show (3)

Ancol trip - Various Animals show - The Parrot


Next show was the Various Animals. Various, yupe, there’re some animals in this show, from parrot, beaver, bear, until hippopotamus! Haha, I know, hippo was the biggest animal in this show!
Ancol trip - Various Animals show - The Hippo

Ancol trip - The Scorpion Pirates ShowThe last show that we went was the Scorpion Pirates. The setting was like Underwater World … The stage beside the pool. There’re 2 good guys who wanted to find a land but was blocked by the bad guy. The show was awesome and fun! They used the fireworks, jetski, and sometime they splash the water (better not to seat in the front rows if you don’t want to get wet! :D). I didn’t know that we have that kind of show :).
Ancol trip - The Scorpion Pirates Show
Ancol trip - The Scorpion Pirates Show - Me, Sinthya, with the casts

Inside the Gelanggang Samudra, there’re many eating places, so no need to worry of not finding any food stalls here 🙂

Ancol trip - Sea World - The EntranceWe didn’t want to spend more time in this arena, as we planned to visit the Sea World, which located in front of this arena.

Inside the venue, there’re small pond and there’s a big aquarium. For the big aquarium, they create a tunnel with the conveyor belt, so we could see inside the pool. There’s also a touch pool, where there’re some fish, turtle inside the pool. In the big pond, at that time, there’s a feeding time for the fish and turtle there. There’s also some explanation that’s given by the staff.
Ancol trip - Sea World - Feeding time
Ancol trip - Sea World - Common LionfishAncol trip - Sea World - Sinthya's starring at the aquarium

Ancol trip - Sea World - The Tunnel

Sea World close at 6PM … So it’s time for us to go home! 🙂

This trip was fun! And it’s a one-day trip only! 🙂

This is the price for the weekend:

Entrance fee for Ancol complex: IDR15,000/person

Entrance fee for Gelanggang Samudra Ancol (Ocean Dream Samudra): IDR110,000/person

Entrance fee for Sea World: IDR60,000/person

Buggy: IDR15,000


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